Saturday, January 25, 2014

Welcome to Grow Your Blog Day!


Pull up a chair ... 
boot up your computer ...
grab a mug of your favorite brew ...
set it on your mug rug ...

and if the cat grabs your chair as usually happens in my home ...

you pull up another chair ... 

and let's go Blog Happing!

Today I am participating with many other blogs in the annual ...

2 Bags Full

Here you will find the List of All the Beautiful Blogs Participating!

This huge task is organized by
Vicki @ 2 Bags Full

What did you say?

You do not have a mug rug?

Maybe you are not a quilter and do not even know what a mug rug is?

That will never do!

As a quilter, I am dedicated to making the world warmer by covering it in quilts,
one little quilt at a time.
Fortunately there sew many of us so I do not have to try to do this alone and
I have joined in the big beautiful worldwide online quilting bee.
May you join us and enjoy our quilts.

Read on!

A mug rug is a little quilt to set your cup on.

I made this little paper boat mug rug as a giveaway for this hop.

back of this mug rug

I have always loved making paper  boats.
The idea of a boat make of paper has always intrigued me.
Did your know that, historically, there have been real paper boat manufacturers that made real boats made of paper to carry people?  Read HERE for a lot on info and links on paper boats if this interests you.

I would never actually think of setting out onto a body of water in a boat made of paper, but I like making the little origami boats and floating them on ponds.

I used to do this with my children.  Sometimes we even put little little tea lights in them and floated them at night.  We called them wish boats.  The children would write a secret wish on the paper before they folded them and they would send their wishes out into the world.

If you have never folded a paper boat, HERE are instructions on how to go about it.

 For my quilty friends ...
... or just in case you want to start rugging all you mugs ...
I will  tell you how I made my mug rug.

Any small quilt block makes a nice little coaster for your cuppa.

For this mug rug I used some scrap fabrics left from another project and
I bought this Origami Paper Boat paper pieced quilt block pattern
designed by Right Patterns online HERE
There are also some lovely free block patterns on this site.

To paper piece, you pin little scraps of fabric right to the back of the paper pattern,
stitch right through the paper along the lines.

Add the next scrap

Flip it over and keep adding pieces to the puzzle.
It is a "quilt by number" method construction where you sew the fabrics
on number by number.
Then you piece the sections together to make the block.

This is the front of my origami paper boat quilt block.

Here is the back ...

To make the little quilt, frame the block with other fabrics.
Remove all the tiny pieces of paper.

Get approval from your quilty kitty helper.
This is The Butterfly.
In this picture it is midnight and she is patiently waiting up with me
until I turn off my sewing machine and we can go snuggle under the quilts.

I followed the Butterfly's advice and waited until morning to do the quilting.

I quilted gentle waves on this sea of Faith and stitched a couple of birds in the sky.
Then I added a machine binding.

Ready for giving away!

Paper Boat Mug Rug Giveaway

I am ready to send my Paper Boat Mug Rug off into the world with good wishes to one of my readers, new or old.

This mug rug is made entirely of cotton and is very washable.

I will sail my little Paper Boat Mug Rug to anywhere in the world.

To be eligible to win, all you need to do is leave one lovely comment.
You do not need to be a follower.

As this is a Grow Your Blog Hop,
anyone who is a follower, new friend or old friend, may have one additional entry by leaving a second comment telling how you follow. 

Please be sure that I have an email address to contact you
to tell you if you have won and get your address.

My blog is set to not allow anonymous comments so that the robots cannot find me.
If you do not have an ID, you can still enter by email
at the address listed under "Contact Me" in my toolbar and I will post your comment for you so you have a chance to win.

I am going to pick a winner for this Mug Rug on  February 15th.

To be eligible to win you must comment on this post or email me 
by Midnight EST on February 14th

... also ...

There is still time to enter my
100,000+ Pageviews Giveaway
Click HERE to enter.
The drawing for that giveaway closes on Monday, Jan, 27th
and will be announced on Tues, Jan 28th.

My kitties and I hope you will stay awhile and read about life in our scrapatch.

 If you are a quilter, I have several tutorials under the tab at the top of this page.

I hope you have enjoyed stopping by my blog today.

Thanks for visiting!

My quilty kitties and I hope you will visit us again soon!

Enjoy all the blogs in this big beautiful hop!

~ <3 ~


  1. I am happy to follow you by Bloglovin. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  2. I remember making boats and planes by folding paper when I was a child. Thanks for the tutorial. I love how you fussy cut the front. crystalbluern at onlineok dot com

  3. How very tranquil your mug rug sea is for your lovely boat :) What a beautiful share and generous giveaway dear lady! I do follow you via blogger, and enjoy seeing you along the Sew We Quilt hop trails :) I wish you and The Butterfly a wonderful weekend hopping through the Grow Your Blog tour!

  4. Oh how I would love your beautiful Mug Rug! I love your suggestion about tealights my grandson will love it!

  5. I love mug rugs. I haven't made any yet so this would be the perfect opportunity. Thanks

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  7. That is just the cutest little paper boat. Love it!

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  9. I love your little boat! Thanks for the chance to win it! :0)

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  11. A delightful post for this blog hop. I hope you meet lots of new bloggers!!

  12. That is a pretty mug rug my friend :) I hope you get lots of new readers today.

  13. Hi, I'm Linda from and I'm one of the volunteer helpers of the Grow Your Own Blog event. We are stopping by to see links and comments etc work fine.
    Your site looks great and I hope you get lots of new visitors and followers.

    Your mug rug is adorable and I'd love to be entered to win it. I'm sitting here right now with a mug of my favourite peppermint tea. Please stop by my site and enter my give away too.
    It's great meeting you, have a lovely day.

  14. There is something so soothing about dreaming of sailing away in a boat. No wonder you have always love them! Beautiful mugrug!

  15. Well I'm England and it's so wet here I could do with a boat - or an ark!!

  16. what a lovely post with a cute mug rug.
    Thanks also for those links and the chance of winning. have fun with the blog hop.

  17. What a great story about your children. We used to have a ski boat. It was calming to just drop anchor and sit on the lake and forget most of the cares of the world (you did have to still be concerned about other boaters and varmits in the water, if you were in the water). If the children were with us, we always had an eye on them - always, always, always.

  18. Your blog is very lovely. Your Mug Rug is truly beautiful and thanks for the tutorial.. Much appreciated. I am your newest follower. Hugs Judy

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  20. Your work (& kitty) are lovely! Thanks for visiting my blog.

  21. Greetings! Thank you for kicking off the blog hop at mine, and for your lovely comment! I love the quilt mug! The paper boat motif brings back memories of childhood - and thank you for the tutorial, too! Chrissie x

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    I like the tune you've chosen as your blog theme.

    Visiting from GYBH - come on by for a visit.

  25. Hi, Pat - glad you stopped by...I'm one of Vicki's Helper Bees too, on the Blog Party. LOVELY blog - I'm a quilter myself - thanks for the great tutorial...will be trying it out, VERY soon! Happy New Year...will be back for more reading as soon as I finish the rest of my list! Tanya

  26. This is so fun, thanks for sharing the tutorial and the cute giveaway. I still haven't tried paper piecing yet but you do make it look easy.

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  29. I saw a cute little elephant quilt that was paper pieced at a quilt shop that offered a class to teach it. I have always loved elephants so of course I had to sign up. That was my first class and my first attempt at paper piecing. It was fun and easy once I understood the technique. I love your little tutorial and your little boat. Maybe it will encourage another novice to give it a try. Kitty approved!

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  31. Hi Pat! Lovely to see you're involved with this too. That is the sweetest mug rug! And since my daughter's name is Faith, it would have a nice home here. :-) Well done with your paper piecing and the tutorial. Midnight sure looks like a sweet kitty too. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  33. You little mug rug is adorable! I just finished a sailboat quilt! It's fun to sew up boats! Enjoyed your tutorial. Have fun sewing!
    yoyopattycakes at

  34. Paper boats are a lovey idea. I also love the music you put to this blog!

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    Happy sewing
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    Nice to meet you.:)
    I would like to participate in your giveaway.



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    Your mug rug is just beautiful. The little boat is so sweet.

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  44. Hi Pat, Thanks for stopping by to say hello. So glad I found you and came by to see your lovely blog. You do beautiful work. The mug rug is really lovely. I like your kitty too!

  45. I remember making paper boats when I was a kid. We started out making a paper hat and if we continued a little further with folding it, we could turn it into a boat. We often used newspaper for the hats so they were large enough to fit on our heads. Love the colors in the mug rug and my helper/snuggler, Patches, says hello to your helper.

  46. I follow you via email.

  47. It would be perfect for me! I live in Florida! And thanks for sharing your secrets! Hugs!

  48. Your paper boat mug rug is very cute. Just saw a cute article in the paper today where students as part of a science project had to make a cardboard boat and get it to float. They learned about volume, buoyancy, density and water displacement and the looks on their faces in the boats on a lake was priceless. What a great idea to use origami as a theme for a blog hop as there are so many possibilities. Thanks for sharing

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    ~Mary Ann

  61. Hello from Australia. Still blog hopping my way through the hundreds of blogs on the GYB list. Love the little mug rug! It is very sweet. You know I have made a few mug rugs in my life as gifts, but I don't have one for myself. Perhaps I should remedy that.

  62. What a delightful giveaway - And so nice to see the instructions as well. Thanks for sharing,


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