Monday, May 12, 2014

A Quilty Mother's Day


I hope all the mothers, grandmothers, mothers-to-be and all the women who add their irreplaceable gifts to our world had as lovely a day yesterday as I did.

Among the beautiful gifts from my kiddos were there beautiful tulips.
My Matty usually gives me pink tulips.
He also gave one of these bouquets to his sister.
My Matty is very sweet.
So is my Jon who arrived early yesterday morning bearing goodies and he and his brother made a yummy breakfast for all of us.  
My Boys are quite handy in the kitchen.  Jon is actually a very good cook.
Late in the day, my hubby turned on the grill.
My day was delicious.

Sorry that I have not been posting.

I have been getting "are you okay?"  emails.

I am well.

Thanks for thinking of me. my friends.

My day included a fun trip to my favorite local quilt shop,
where the Liz gifted all the mothers who walked through the door with their choice of a free charm pack.  There was also a 25% storewide sale and fat quarters were only $1.50 each.
Lucky me, I had a gift cerifictae from the kiddos and purchased these quilty goodies.
2 yards of the gray background print, 10 fat quarters, a second charm pack of

and two rulers that I have been wanting for some time, a

and a

I like to buy rulers with gift certificates.

That way, every time I use the ruler I smile and think of the lovely person who gave me this quilty tool.

There were also these beautiful roses from my wonderful hubby.

This cute photo album was a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.

It is waiting for photos.

We are still waiting for Sprout's Big Day.

I have been spending days with My Girl helping where I can.

The Sprout is keeping us waiting and is now a week overdue.

Maybe today will be the day! ... or maybe tomorrow!

May you have a happy day!

Be back soon!



  1. Hello My Friend, what a beautiful day you had! The flowers are both soooo beautiful :) Lucky you. May Sprout decide to come today and may all go well. Prayers my Friend.

  2. Those tulips are gorgeous.

    I hope the big arrival is soon. Waiting is torture when it is past the due date.

  3. That sounds like a lovely day :) nothing like a shop sale and beautiful flowers to out a smile on your face! Glad you're doing well!


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