Thursday, October 23, 2014

Spider Web Quilt-Along 2014 ~ Cutting and Sewing ~ Step 1

Spider Web Table Quilt

that was featured in my "Wicked" Blog Hop post

I will be adding posts on each step in the next few days, with the plan to have the entire project tutorial up by Sunday evening.

This is the first time I have ever held a quilt along on my blog so this will be a learn as I go experience for me as well as for those who are sewing.

If you have any questions, please feel free to post in comments or email me as we sew along.

Materials Needed:

80 2.5 inch squares (two mini-charm packs, a charm pack, strips, FQs or yardage ... or just use up scraps!)

1/2  - 2/3  yard of black (for web sashing and border and binding)

2 inch black circle for the center applique 

30" square of backing fabric and batting

Tools and Specialty Cutting Rulers needed: 

45 degree ruler (such as a Kaleido Ruler

 (if you do not have one, you could try using a straight ruler
and the 45 degree lines on your cutting mat)

  (if you do not have one, you could try using a small plate
or other circle cutter)

Fabric Selection:

For your fabric squares, use a mix of lights to darks, small to medium prints.  I used three to four mini charms of each fabric but you could cut from 5-6 fat quarters or 2.5" strips if you wanted a less scrappy quilt. 

Lay your 2.5" squares out in 8 groups of 10 squares as in rows as shown:
Row 1 : 1 square
Row 2 : 2 squares
Row 3 : 3 squares
Row 4 : 4 squares

Sew each section together by chain piecing the squares into the rows

and sewing the rows together to form 8 pyramids

I used my seam roller to press the seams open as I went along, then pressed all the pyramids with my iron before trimming.

Trim each pyramid into a triangle by aligning your 45 degree ruler in the center of the 1st row and making sure the 4th row is straight along a line on your ruler.

This is the what your trimmed sections will look like in your layout.
Move your scrappy triangles around until you have
the arrangement you want for your web.

Here is

Spider Web in progress.

I am loving the scrappy happy look of this web.

It makes me smile on this stormy day.

Here in New England we are having a "nor-easter" ... very heavy bands of rain coming in off the coast. If it were later in the year, it would be lots of snow.

I woke up to find a damp patch dripping in the ceiling in my bedroom.

If you are sewing along, please let me know.

I would love to feature your work in my quilt-along.

Ready for the next step ... cutting and sewing the curved pieces?

I will have this post up by tomorrow, if all goes as planned. 

I love sewing the curved part and hope you do, too!



  1. That spiderweb is fabulous! I have a friend who *loves* Halloween. I'm thinking this might be a great gift idea :)

  2. This is a riot!! I just love it. Thanks for such a comprehensive tute!!


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