Friday, October 31, 2014

Spider Web Quilt-Along 2014 ~ My New Spider Web!

My New Spider Web Quilt!

To wrap up this year's 

I would like to share the how-to for making this larger web ...

Materials Needed:

168 squares 2.5"

21 are needed for each of eight sections

2 yards of black fabric for web, backing and binding

40" square of batting


Piece rows.

Press seams open as you go.

Using your 45 degree ruler or lines on your mat ...

cut triangles.


Time to add the curved black web.

I cut 13" by 7" sections and used my Quick Curve Ruler or a plate to cut the bands.

I cut two 17" by 10" sections to cut then longer outer bands and sewed these on first.

I cut the outer curve first as shown.

Then, using this as a point of reference, I cut my other curves.

I took photos and put them up on my desktop and checked each placement before I cut 

It is important to cut each curve in the same place so the web will align.

Ready to sew ...

Sew the concave to the convex curves, easing carefully.

I use a pin to mark the center.

I press toward the black.

Align your pieced and pressed units to the 45 degree line on your cutting mat
and trim evenly cutting off the extra black fabric.

Turn and trim the other side.

Top layout  ... ready to add black sashing web.

Cut 8  WOF strips 1.5" wide and sew to the right edge of each of the wedges.

Piece into two halves ...

Sew one WOF strip to one side.

With your quilty helper sew the two halves together.

Prepare your quilt sandwich and quilt as desired.

40" square of batting and backing

I use Softy and Crafty poly batting which I buy off the roll from my nearby JoAnn Fabrics.

For most quilts I use cotton batting but this batting works well for the web 
as it is thin and holds it shape well without being too stiff.

I do not pin or baste or use basting spray.  
I smooth the top and baking over the batting and
I press the top and back of the quilt sandwich before I quilt,
being careful not to touch the poly batting with my hot iron.

I used Superior King Tut "Orange Zest" for this quilt and used my walking foot in the black sashing to accentuate the spooky spider web.

I cut four 2.25" strips of the black fabric for my single fold binding.

I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial!

This wraps up my

Spider Web Quilt Along 2014

This free tutorial will remain up on my blog.

If you make a spider web quilt at any time, please send me a photo 
or add it to our Flickr album.

It would make me sew happy to see your version of the pattern.

This quilt was featured at

Thank you, Madame Samm!

For more photos of  my quilt please 

Happy Halloween!


Edit Nov 4th: 

Linking up this new tutortial today at

Linky Tuesday @ Freemotion by the River

Click on the link above to also see that the

Spider Web by Marcy @ Made by Me in Red

is featured there today!

Congratulations, Marcy!

It is a joy to see this beautiful quilt made with my tutorial featured
 on Connie's wonderful blog.



Anonymous said...

I just received my Quick Curve Ruler this week. Now I have a project for it! Thanks! Love how stunning it turned out!

Tricia said...

WOW what a great Tut Ms. P.!!! Thanks for sharing.
Blessed Be & Happy Samhain!

margaret said...

this looks mighty good bigger, must try and finish mine this weekend but no promises!

Lynette said...

Your blog hop quilt was absolutely brilliant to start out with - and then you top it by making a tutorial for us! Thank you so much for sharing your process. :D

Sharon said...

Spider web cuteness! Great creative use of the Curve it Up Ruler.

Littlebit said...

Thank you for a wonderful project to make and especially the tutorial. I’m glad it’s still available!
Looking forward to making it and hope it turns out as beautiful as yours. Thank u

Ghost said...

I had the sudden inspiration to make a spiderweb/spider themed Halloween quilt despite never making a quilt before and happened to find your tutorial as I was looking for inspiration and guides. It was PERFECT and easy to follow even for a beginner like me, I also ended up scaling it up to be large enough to use on a bed and I'm so thrilled with it! Thank you so much for posting this tutorial!
It's even puppy approved!

Anonymous said...

I have tried commenting three times now None get published for some reason.

The measurements aren’t given for the black bands and they obviously aren’t the size guided on the ruler - they look to be 1.25” cut width can that be confirmed? And how the wider base bands were cut being so much wider than the ruler? The ones shown don’t look to have been cut larger than the ruler despite being specified at 13”. Help!

Scrapatches said...


Due to the many spammers that attempt to post on my blog, I have had to turn off anonymous comments on my blog. Also, I have been ill so I have not been blogging or on my computer. I apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

It has been years since I have sewn one of these spider web quilts, so I will do my best to help answer your questions. I did use the quick curve ruler for all on my curved cuts on the black web pieces. I believe I cut the center of the curve and then moved the ruler outward toward the edges to extend the cuts. My first quilt was an improv effort. I wrote the tutorial afterwards. The cuts on this smaller quilt were approximately 1 1/4 inches wide. The larger version made the following year were 1 1/2 inches. If moving. All of the curved black web pieces were cut from scrap fabric and were varying lengths and I cut the edges of the wedges straight after sewing the webbing. I hope this helps you.

I do know others who have made the quilt have made their own quilts, have used the edge of a plate or their own preferred method or ruler for cutting the curves. I encourage you to do what works for you.

Your web may not be perfect. Mine are not. I love my quilts and hope you will love yours.

Have fun sewing… :) Pat

mary1307611 said...

I'm Mary and I'm Brazilian. My daughter loves spiders and I just made a centerpiece for her, following her directions. I sent a photo to her email. Thanks so much for sharing. I loved doing the project and intend to do another one in the future. Hugs.

Anonymous said...

Approximately how big was your final piece ?

Scrapatches said...

In response to the last anonymous commenter: this quilt measures 32 inches across from point to point. It has 6 rounds on 2 inch finished squares, 1 and a half inch webbing and a 3 inch black border. The size of your quilt will be determined by the size of your squares, the width of your webbing and width of your outside border.
Hope this helps ... :) Pat