Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin Update ~ This One is Home!

Katniss says, "You sent this one away?"

Yes, Katniss, this one is not ours.

This is the border I designed for the final border on my friend ...

Cherie's Medallion.

Here is the journey of this beautiful Round Robin ...

1st Border by Debbieann

2nd Border by Tricia

3rd Border by Gina

4th Border by Annette

5th and Final Border by Pat

Closeup of My Border.

There are 56 flowers and 56 leaves in this border
for a total of 128 pieced units in this border.

Butterfly and I sitting with our feet up and relaxing after completing this border.

All our borders may be found on our ...

My Round Robin is also home!

It is gorgeous!

More Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin updates soon!



margaret said...

a wonderful medallion with lots of interesting borders, the applique one is lovely

Mdm Samm said...

you stitching sisters have been busy....very colourful

CathieJ said...
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CathieJ said...

I am so impressed with the fact that you are able to design borders that actually fit the quilt. I am a math teacher and I am not sure that I could design a pieced border to the correct size. This quilt is beautiful. I always love Round Robin quilts as it is interesting to see each quilter's interpretation as to what will enhance the quilt top.

Dorian said...

Beautiful job Pat! The fabric for the leaves/stems is perfect!

Rosa said...

This is just fantastic!

sandra said...

You are so creative Pat, the border is just beautiful. Blessings Sandra