Thursday, November 6, 2014

Pretty Posies All In A Row

My "Pretty Posies All In A Row" Border

I was inspired by my Most Popular Pin on Pinterest  

The leaves in the EQ version are paper pieced.
Although I like the pointy ones, 
I decided to change up the leaves to make the piecing a little easier,
as I had to make 56 of these leaves,
and I adapted for a regular piecing method.

If you wish to make the pointy paper pieced leaves, click on the link above
and follow the instructions for their Pretty Posies.

Do You EQ  is a great site for inspiration and how-to's.

If you wish to make the same leaves and flowers as in my border,
here are the instructions:

Each flower and leaf measures 4.5" square.

Fabric Requirements and Piecing ...

For each  Flower Unit:

Four 2.5" squares for petals
Four 1.25" squares for the centers
Four 1.25" squares for the background, leaves and stem

Sew the small squares on the corners as shown and flip and cut away extra fabric  for snowball blocks.

I like to press my corners alternately inward and outward to "nest" seams.

For each Leaf Unit:

One 3.5" by 2.5" rectangle for leaf
One 1.5" by 4.5" strip for stem
Two 2" squares for background
Two 1.5" by 3.5" strips for background

To create the vine effect,
alternate the leaves on the left and right of the stem.

This is the left leaf unit showing the pressed back.

This is the right leaf unit from the front.

Chain piece the leaf pieces being
taking care to alternate the placements of the background squares.
It is important to have you quilty kitty assistant staying up with you to help and check your work.

Press the leaves and sew the stems to the sides.

Here is the back of the pieced Flower/Leaf units.
I pressed outward toward the leaves to nest the seams
when I sewed the units into the long borders.

Butterfly also stayed up and helped me many a night to get these done.

The leaves should all grow "upward" when sewn into the units.

My flowers are scrappy
and I used three green fabrics,
on for the background,
the strip for the leaves and stems
and the dark green for the frame.

I laid out all the units on my table
randomly placing the flowers and alternating the leaf directions.

There are fourteen Flower/Leaf units on each side
and eight in the corner blocks.

When planning this border I decided to add
narrow background strips to the sides and to then frame the border with dark green.

The narrow light green border strips are 1" by WOF
and the dark green outer border strips are 2" by WOF,
pieced together to form a continuous strip.

 For this Round Robin border I needed to adjust for slightly uneven sides
so I did this by making eight extra "spacer" units of stem with no leaves
and then sewed on the corner blocks.

Butterfly and I did enjoy sitting back and relaxing and admiring this border
when it was done and ready to mail.

I really like this pattern.

I plan to make this pattern into table runners
one for each season.

Time to sew a fall one and a Christmas one.

Hope to have pictures soon!

... just keep sewing ...



Julierose said...

Oh I love your Pretty Posies All in a Row- pattern! I was just looking at "Stringthingalong" and noticing that no one has posted there in a while...and I found your gave us a lovely tutorial on this Thanks, Hugs, Julierose

Shari said...

Very pretty...what a lovely finish!

Carol S. said...

Beautiful Posies! Thanks for showing your method...sweet!

margaret said...

such a lovely border and great instructions too. I am seriously considering investing in EQ7 maybe after Christmas I will take the plunge

Frederika said...

Oh so lovely. I think i am coming to use that once

KaHolly said...

I'm in love!! Your border came out so nice. Yes, I see table runners, too!! They'd be so pretty.

Rosa said...

I`m in love too.A table runner would be fabulous!

allthingzsewn said...

This turned out quite lovely.

allthingzsewn said...

I forgot to say I'll be looking for you on Nov. the 14th. I'll be sharing on Nov. the 20th. I think this will be fun.

Kathleen said...

Love the pretty posies! said...

Oh your pretty posies are gorgeous. Thanks for the tutorial.