Saturday, January 24, 2015

Outside My Window Today

Outside my window updated ... :o)

Sunday is sunny and cold and I ventured out to visit Ms Snowperson.

The pictures below were taken while it was still snowing 
and the wonderful men in my life were outside shoveling.

I stayed snug inside.
It was a good day for sewing.
I finished my We Support You Blog Hop project!

Please visit Ms Snowperson and I again on Thursday.
We have something we want to show you! 

Yesterday outside my window ... 

It's snowing!

So Grampy made a snowman for baby Everly.

Baby Everly is snug and warm and snoozing 

in a place where it is warm and sunny in the southland ...

many miles away ...

... dreaming of Grampy's snowman. 



  1. ohhh that just makes me smile....all of that PURE beauty

  2. Oh how sweet. I was thinking about how many years it has been since I have made a snowman.

  3. AWW - how cute!! Snowman, snowman builder, and sleeping babe.

  4. I do love a snowman! I see that you took all of the pictures from inside where it's warm and snug! :) Our snow isn't due until morning and as hard as it is to shovel.... it sure is beautiful. Enjoy the beauty and Everly, of course.

  5. Awww, great snowman Charlie! I love that little blanket of Everly's. So sweet.

  6. Sew sweet! Love the name, Everly. I know someone who has a daughter named Everly. I saw her this week at work. I think she's about the same age.

  7. Beautiful photos! I am especially partial to the last, your photo of Everly. So sweet! Stay warm and cozy!

  8. Love your pictures they remind me of Stratford and the snow we have . What a beautiful picture of sweet baby Everly


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