Sunday, February 15, 2015

Inspired By Beautiful Fabric!

These gorgeous fabrics are Airmail from Moda Fabrics

They arrived via airmail from 

for a very special project!

I also have an exciting announcement!

... drumroll ... 

I am going to be a Guest Blogger 


! ! !

Shari has more Airmail FQ Bundles coming soon

and some pretty  Airmail yardage in stock now.

I have designed a fun and easy block
and new pattern for these beautiful fabrics.

I cannot wait to show you ...

but I have to ...

My first guest blogger post will be appear 
sometime in April.

Until then, I must keep this one a secret.

Here is another beautiful and secret
quilty project that I am working on

This is for the beautiful

Here are more of my fabrics ... 

I am also designing a new quilt pattern for these beauties!

Linking up today with all the other beautiful fabrics at

Molli Sparkles

Sunday Stash @ Mollie Sparkles

My photos are a little gray.

They will be for awhile.

After days of cold and gray and off and on snow fall.

We are in the midst of another blizzard.

The windows are covered in snow and ice.

There is no relief in the forecast ...

only sub zero temperatures ...

and more snow.

The winds are blowing.

It just keeps snowing.

I am warm and snug inside.

I just keep sewing


I dream of spring.



  1. Love that fabric! I saw it yesterday at a quilt shop and thought it was really cute. Congrats on being a guest blogger. And most importantly..... hang in there during this snowy, cold winter.... it just HAS to end soon!

  2. That fabric is great, can't wait to see the project! And, the weather will end sometime...right???

  3. It sounds like you have some fun projects in your future. I can't wait to see what you create.

  4. I can't wait to see your projects Ms Pat. Just keep indoors and keep sewing, that will keep you warm :)

  5. Such perfect fabric for the creative mind. You'll do it up well. Keep us posted on the date. The bird fabric is nice.


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