Wednesday, June 24, 2015

On My Bird Feeder Today

That's not a sparrow!

That is an American Goldfinch!

Goldfinches are not uncommon to my state.
I live in one of the "probable" squares on the map,
but I consider these a rare treat in my tiny urban backyard.

Oh, look ... this colorful little guy has a pretty mate!

I am seeing these two regularly on my feeder.

I am hoping they are nest building near me and will be bringing the babies in a few weeks.

Makes my day very sunny and bright ... :)


  1. American Goldfinches are so much fun to have around. Add a thistle feeder and make sure to supply a water source to increase the chances that they'll stick around. They are late nesters to coincide with the maturing thistle plants. Good luck!

  2. We have red finches and golden finches in Ontario . When we were living in Oakville we had a hanging plant at our front door where the kitchen window was and the red finches built a nest in it so we got to watch the whole thing from window. It was so neat. I really miss having a place for feeder but the squirrels get into .

  3. Such beautiful birds! I love watching the ones around here. Sadly, our little baby birds didn't survive (so sad) and we think it was because of all the heat.

  4. P.S. I really like your feeder!

  5. Just checking in! You are missed!


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