Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Fiction and Fun and the Summer of '61

Back in March I joined a reading group

organized by

Above is the book and the wonderful fabric goodies that I received from

Melody in NY. 

as you may know from my previous post,
so these fabrics were a great addition to my stash,
especially the book print on the top as I did not have any of this pretty. 

I was in Washington visiting my daughter when 
the book was received by my guys here in Massachusetts
so I got a late start on reading the book.

It was a fun and easy read.

When it was time to pass on the book to the next person in the book group,
I found that the book was only going as far as Connecticut to

so Nancy and I decided to add to the fun ...

... by meeting up at the 

where Nancy was a vendor.

While I was there I could not resist this cute pattern from Nancy's shop.
Nancy made the fabric bag to give to customers at her booth.
How cute is that!

Here is a close up of ...

... the fabric goodies I gave to Nancy,

I also added some cute buttons.

The gifts are chosen to relate to the story.

You will have to read the book to see why.

The only hint I will give is that 
the main characters in book are 9 years old in 1961.,
which is the summer I turned 9 myself.

Parts of this book really brought me back to those days.

It was a very enjoyable summer read.

Thanks, Bernie, for including me in this Fiction and Fabric Fun!



  1. Pat, I am so glad you enjoyed the book. How fun to meet Nancy in person too. Both stacks of fabric are wonderful, those you received and those you gave to Nancy. Thank you for joining in on the fun. :-)

  2. Oh how fun!! I can't wait for my turn. (I think I'm the final reader)

  3. What a fun idea (I can only do audio books) and it is so cool that you both were able to meet up for your lovely exchange.

  4. How fun that you two could meet! It was a good book! Now I have to go look at the Insta page and see if others posted their fabrics!

  5. I'm trying to read the book. In fact, it's sitting right here in front of me, but I don't sit much and at night when I could conceivably read, my eyes have had it. It's started though! I really want to order the pattern for the Protest Chickens. They would make a great wall hanging for my place!

    1. I hope you do. You'll love 'em! 😁 Nancy of Flew the Coop Designs

  6. sounds a fun hing to do and like that fabric is included in the exchange, good that you were able to meet up with Nancy whilst in the USA


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