Monday, July 31, 2017

July Surprises

July has brought many surprises,

like this wonderful "Vintage Chic"

and ...

 ... this little shadow ...

Now who can this be? 

As you know,
crossed the rainbow bridge in March.
Not a day goes by I do not think of her.
We have all have been very sad.
Although I will always miss her,
it was time to find a new kitty to love.

So my hubby and I went to the 

in nearby Salem, NH,
where there were many pretty kitties to play with ... 

and this little cutie,
just three months old,
who conducted her way right into my hubby's arms
and our hearts.

We could not leave without this baby kitty.

Meet The Maestro!

Maestro is dressed to the nines in a black tuxedo and white cravat.

Maestro settled in right away in her new home

and is very busy 
learning to be a quilty kitty.

Maestro is a natural when it comes to 
inspection and testing.

How does The Katniss feel about her new buddy?

Katniss is very purry and happy and playful again.

Maestro is very cuddly and her
favorite place to sleep is curled up against my arm
in the same spot that Butterfly always slept for so many years.

It is a little uncanny how many expressions, mannerisms, habits and haunts
that were always Butterfly's own
that Maestro has adopted.

I know Butterfly is smiling.

So am I.



  1. AWWWW - what a sweetie! She looks like a purfect fit to the family.

  2. How sweet! Your family is complete again. Looks like Maestro is fitting in very quickly...right into your home and hearts! Isn't it something how pets really choose US?

  3. What a sweet little kitty Maestro is. It looks like she will enjoy being in the home of a quilter. It looks like you will have many happy memories with her. Congratulations! --Andrea

  4. It looks like those sweet kitties are going to be good friends--adorable!

  5. What a beauty Maestro is. I lost my cat a while back. He was a tux, too. I really missed him. I found another cat. He is buff colored. Pretty. I love cats. Just the best.

  6. Maestro has certainly made himself very much at home and good to see Katniss has not got the sulks with a new kitten coming into the house.

  7. Maestro is such a cutie. I am glad Katniss is very accepting of him.

  8. Maestro is adorable! It wasn't long after my daughter's cat Big Orange left on his trip to the rainbow bridge, that I HAD to get some more fur loving. I adopted two brothers who live in my bedroom and have a catio being built for them. I will never let them roam free outside, I believe that is the reason I lost my other tow kitties.
    Maestro has certainly picked the right family to become a part of. I know he is so loved already!


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