Wednesday, October 28, 2009

"I hear the drizzle of the rain ..."

" ... like a memory, it falls ..."

................... (Kathy's Song, Paul Simon, 1965)

Today I begin this journal.

These words fall like rain drops, the hopes and memories of my life. Like the song, these are the only words I know are true ... the ones that are my own. They may not be right ... "rightness" be a debatable thing ... the only truths I know are the ones in my own heart. The songs I shall quote are whispers in the background of the soundtrack of my life.

It is raining today in my northeast kingdom. The steady stacatto drip outside a gentle sound ... like the tapping my fingers on the keyboard; we play a duet.

I live in Massachusetts. I piece together this blog like I piece my quilts ... one scrap of bright colored fabric, pinned and stitched to another ... and sometimes pulled apart and stitched again ... until it takes form and becomes the patchwork tapestry of my life.

Thank you for reading ... :-) Pat


Janine @ Rainbow Hare said...

This is a very beautiful post. It's like an acorn that has grown into an oak now :)

RosieGma said...

Hello...congrats on 10 years of sharing your quilting adventures.

Kay said...

Happy Blogiversary - I enjoy reading your posts. And your first was beautifully written.