Thursday, October 22, 2015

Toddler Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial

Toddler Trick or Treat Bag

Finished bag measures 8" by 10" with 7" handle

Fat Quarter Friendly Pattern 

Fabric Requirements

Outer bag fabric: cut 21" by 9" 

Bag Lining: 21" by 9"

Cuff:  18" by 7.5"

Handle:  16" by 4.5"

(For a small toddler, you may want to shorten the handle length an inch or two,
or even cut the bag pieces smaller.  Use your own good judgement.)

Fold outer fabric crosswise right sides together and sew two outer seams leaving the top open.

Turn right side out and repeat process to make the bag lining.

Sew cuff right sides together along short sides to form. tube.

Sew handle right sides together to form long tube.

Turn right side out and press.

Top stitch handle on each long side.

Press and nest bag outer layer and lining.

Top stitched a line of stitching 1/4 inch from outer side edges to hold these together securely.

Mark center of bag front and back.

Set the handle inside the bag with the folded edge down and align and pin 
to center of front and center back.

 Stay stitch the handle to the inside of the bag  1/8" from the top edge of the bag,
removing pins as you go. 

Press the seam on the cuff tube.

Fold cuff in half and press.

 Mark center of cuff.

Align to center of bag and pin to the outside of the bag through all layers
1/4" from the top edge of bag.

I switched to my heavy duty walking foot to sew through all these layers easily.

You will cover these raw edges in the next step.

Fold the cuff upward and press.

Fold cuff into the bag and sew 1/2" from top edge through all layers.

Be sure that your line of stitching covers the raw edges. 

Fold cuff outward and down and pull up handle.

Your bag is done and ready for little hands!

Happy Trick or Treating!

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Teatime Creations said...

What a sweet treat bag. A little one will loe it. Happy Halloweeen.

Rina Mason said...

Love the treat bag and they look pretty easy and fast to make so can be done in time for Halloween. Thanks for the tutorial.

Rhonda Best said...

Very cute.

GranChris said...

Very nice, I like it!

apple blossom said...

lovely bag thanks for the tutorial

Beth said...

So sweet--sized just right.

Charlene McCain said...

Adorable little treat bags! Just the right size for carrying door-to-door.

KaHolly said...

Perfect little bag! You did a great job with the tutorial! Thanks for taking the time!