Friday, July 29, 2016

Get Eerie !

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I really enjoy these blog hops.

They inspire me to do something new and interesting

and to get it done.

There is always so much inspiration in the links.

Then there is the chance to give away the wonderful prizes from the wonderful sponsors.

Who does not like to give gifts to their readers?

Sponsors For Eerie Nights Are:

and the

Everyone loves the Halloween Hops!

Come join the fun!

Hope to see you joining us!


  1. HI,

    I've never done a blog hop and just wondered how it works? thanks

    1. Hi, Monica,

      You are a no-reply blogger. I cannot answer your question by email. This is because of the settings on google plus ... how to fix is here ...

      I will write another promo post for this blog hop and try to answer your questions and hope you come back to read this ... :) Pat


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