Thursday, November 3, 2016

Second Chance Challenge

I started the 

 Here ... with the best intentions
and really enjoyed making the blocks.
Then I fell hopelessly behind, Here
while I was staying with my daughter.

I have made a few blocks since then but have not been able to catch up. 

Fortunately, there is a second chance to complete this challenge.

I shall begin again in the New Year.



  1. I too am behind. I fell off the wagon back in June. I saved all the blocks on PDF every day so I can continue at my own leisure pace. I remember those colourful blocks of yours. They are so cheerful and sunny! I do hope you will continue and we'll get to see your happy quilt completed. ;^)

  2. I am glad someone else has fallen behind. I have signed up for next year hopefully I will be able to keep up and finish next year.

  3. That is quite the challenge, but will be gorgeous.

  4. So far I've been able to keep up--once in a while I'll fall behind and then have to have a marathon sewing day. I think it's wonderful that Kathy is doing it again next year--hope you are able to get caught up!

  5. I never started this challenge, so at least I'm not behind. It's a beautiful quilt and will be worth it, I'm sure, when you finish it.


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