Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Christmas Comes Early

Everly and her new quilt!

We have returned home to the chilly, snowy northeast.

We had a wonderful time in the chilly, rainy northwest.

While we were there Christmas came early 
and my daughter set up her Christmas tree for
 "Grammy and Grampy Christmas."

Everly loves the tree and the ornaments.

Although most people think she is at least four years old
and she wears a little girl size five, Everly is just very tall for her age.  
She is only two and a half and still needs to be encouraged 
and helped to unwrap presents.

We set the quilty gift before her ... 

... and Lamby danced on it ...

... Mater took a drive on it ...

the she wandered away and we had to follow her with the package ...

... and give the wrapping a rip ...

The colorful blocks did get her attention ... for a minute maybe ...

then she wandered away again ...

... so my daughter unwrapped a little more and unrolled the quilt and Mater caught her eye ...

"Tow Mater" is her favorite character ...

... so the panel fabric pleased her very much ...

... Everly's faithful friend Sierra loves quilts, too ...

Mater and Lighting McQueen had to explore the quilt, too ...

...and had fun driving around on it.

Everly sleeps cuddle in a Grammy quilt every nap and night
so I know she loves her quilts.
She sleeps under this one every night now. 

Everly also drove her cars around the diecast cars garage we gave her.

Everly had fun with her new toys ...

The whole family got into the assembly act ... 

that Grammy and Grampy gave Everly for her cars

"vroom ... vroom!" 

Grammy and Grampy also got her a bigger car ...

... that she could drive ...

... foot powered ...

An Everly smile is worth a thousand words ... :-)

On Grammy and Grampy Christmas night 
the rain held off and 
we enjoyed the

We had a wonderful time visiting with Everly, Marissa and Matt.

Now we are Home Sweet Home.

Time to get my own home ready for Christmas and
catch up with some quilty commitments.

Have a happy holiday season!


  1. A child always makes Christmas sparkle that much more.

  2. Lucky Grammy and Grampy! I live too far away from my grands and great grands to see them for Christmas, or for anything else, really. They are a joy, aren't they?!?! Glad she liked the quilt and the cars!

  3. so good to see the delight on a childs face when they open something they so clearly love.

  4. What lovely pictures! Thanks for sharing your Christmas with us :) I love looking at Everly and seeing her fun with the Cars.

  5. What a delightful post! And a darling little girl. She'll cherish her quilt for a long time to come! XO

  6. It sounds like a wonderful visit. What a fun quilt for your granddaughter! Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas.

  7. I love this post!! Everly is adorable and I think my granddaughter will be like her. She will be two in January and she's already 30 pounds and in size 3 clothes. I think she will be a tall one as well.


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