Saturday, July 14, 2018

How I Am Spending My Summer Vacation ~ Part 1

Time to move back into my sewing room!

Son #2 moved out again.
I will miss seeing him all the time,
but I am happy to move my sewing mess out of my dining room.
Nutmeg is new to this sewing room thing.
She is actually missing my Matty. 

There is one piece of furniture left from my daughter's
youth bedroom set, an old storage/TV unit,
that I will fill with fabric and stuff again.
The shelf ledges used to hold her photos and trophies and treasures.
Soon they will hold my sewing notions.

Maestro is not sure what to make of this either.

We are repainting the walls and ran out of the original gallon of paint.

Time to get more paint.

They are both very curious though.

More photos coming soon!


  1. So much fun to set up a new creative space. Have fun

  2. This proves it...everyone likes Kaffe prints even cats. Lucky to have such help esp. as you establish your sewing room.Good luck with it all.

  3. My son moved home a few years ago and then he unexpectedly got his little 2 year old daughter. Boy, was that a change. She had no clue what NO meant. They were with me for over 2 years and then they've been gone for ten months. It was difficult when they were here because I was her caregiver while he was at work and it was very taxing on me. Now I miss them terribly. They come back to visit almost every 2 weeks. I sure missed having my things where I was used to having them and I still don't have my house back in order. I don't regret what we did at all. Next week he should have full permanent custody of his 13 year old son, so life has dramatically changed and his girlfriend is wonderful.

  4. It's great that your son had a place to come back to. I call it the Yo-Yo Effect, lol! Nice to get your sewing space set up the way you like. You'll definitely enjoy it!

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