Friday, July 31, 2020

My Starburst Christmas in July Tree Skirt

Here is my scrappy Christmas Tree Skirt
for more Christmas in July sewing fun!

I made this tree skirt with scrap strips from my new
and I added some other scrap strips to the mix. 

This tree skirt is made using a quilt-as-you-go method.

I made this tree skirt following the


I cut my strips in various sizes from 2" to 3" and even sewed some
short strips together to make them long enough for the panels.
This is a great scrap busting pattern.

This tutorial uses the wedge template pattern from ... 

There is a simple tree shirt pattern with this template if you wanted to use one fabric.

I have had a thought that it would be easy to make a scrappy
"Crazy Quilt" type tree skirt by cutting the 20 wedges of batting
and sewing smaller scraps directly to the batting  wedges with a
sew, flip, quilt method and decorative machine stitches.
It is a plan for another day.

To make this tree skirt you sew two large QAYG panels.

The you cut 10 wedges from each large panel.

It is important to start each of your panels on opposite corners
to achieve the chevron effect. 

My quilty kitties were very helpful while making this tree skirt. 

You sew the QAYG wedges together to make the skirt.
I used my heavy duty walking walking foot on my Janome.

This makes a large tree skirt with a 48" diameter.
Nutmeg and  I made a large pieced width of fabric square for the backing. 

This is what I used to add the banking and binding to my tree skirt.

Maestre helped me quilt the top to the backing.
We used the walking foot and made straight lines radiating from the center.

I cut 2.5" strips and made binding tape.
I did not cut my strips on the bias and it worked for me.

I did an machine binding by sewing one edge of the binding to the front and folding
it to the back and machine stitched the binding to them back.

This method made a secure binding with a line of machine stitching
around the front 1/4" away from the binding.

The tie at the top was made when I added the binding
by leaving long strips on either edge.

I am very pleased with this happy, scrappy goodness.

I am sure my quilty kitties will love laying under the tree 
on their new quilted tree skirt. 

More inspiration may be found 

Happy Christmas in July!


Janis said...

What a beautiful tree skirt! Love it!

kupton52 said...

Absolutely GORGEOUS! I have a large wedge ruler from MSQC....I think I'll try this. Thank you for the inspiration as well as the eye candy. :) Blessings..

Patti said...

Wow! That really is stunning and gorgeous!

Lindah said...

How pretty!

Dorian said...

Oh lovely tree skirt Pat! I've been meaning to make a new one for a few years now, and still haven't done it. So thanks for the links! This may be my year for a new one too!! :)

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

I've bookmarked Earlene Fowlers recipe site...I love the old time recipes. Thanks!
Now this tree skirt is spectacular, Pat. And how kind you are to share how it goes together. So seemingly doable and could be quite the stash buster too.
Also happy you are back after a little rest from it all.

Frédérique said...

Beautiful tree skirt!

Design Originals by KC said...

I just love your finished tree skirt! I need to make a new one and this energizes me :) Kathi

Nancy said...

Is there a special way to cut the panels? Do I flip the template so one cut has the wide end on top, and next cut has the narrow end on top? Or do I make all cuts on one panel with template all oriented the same?