Friday, June 8, 2012

Sewing ... sewing ... sewing ... quilting ... and pie

I finished this top late last night ... er ... early this morning ... ;)

Since it is now an oversized queen, I took it to my favorite local quilt shop, Bits 'n' Pieces, and rented their long arm for a few hours. Always a nice place to spend some time.  Thanks, Liz and Co.  

Butterfly has inspected and approved this quilt for binding ...

Of course, I decided that the best fabric for the binding is not the one I saved some of for this purpose, but one I do not have quite enough of ... back to the shop tomorrow ... ;)

While I was at the quilt shop, Super Hubby went strawberry picking. Mmmmmmm ... fresh picked local strawberries!  So good!!

Wait, there is more ... then while I was taking a nap to rest up after my late nights and quilty adventure, he baked a Strawberry Rhubarb Pie ...


Finished quilt piccie coming soon ... :-)

First ... another (small) piece of pie ...



  1. Which pattern is that Ms Pat? MMMM, Share that lovely looking pie? Strawberries are my favorite :)

  2. Good Morning, Dorian ... fresh picked strawberries are my favorite, too <3. That is the border I put on Jess's Unexpected Twist Mystery quilt to make it queen sized. It is "Delectable Mountains" from Quilt Blocks Galore ...
    ... makes a nice frame for this quilt.

  3. The quilt is looking gorgeous. I love the delectable mountains border. Do you think your hubby could come over and bake a pie out of the strawberries I just picked? ;)

  4. Good Evening, Delia ... sounds good to me as long as I get a piece :) A trip to the Bunkhouse is long overdue anyway. However, since you have younguns, I suspect the strawberries will be all gone by the time we get there ... ;) Pat

  5. Hi Pat - thanks so much for visiting my blog ans checking out the potholders! I didn't know there was anything on pinterest of mine :) Strawberry rhubarb is my very favorite pie - yours looks delish!

  6. Thank You, Taya,

    Your folded star potholder is amazing ... no wonder it found its way onto Pinterest so many more quilters may enjoy and be inspired ... :) Pat


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