Friday, June 22, 2012

Table Quilt Complete

I have finished the small table quilt made from the last of the extra border blocks and some scraps from the blue and brown quilt.  I decided to add some red into this mix to add a bit more color.  I love red in a table quilt.  Always so inviting.

Close up of the quilting details ...

Mini-Mina as always was my constant quilty helper.  For the small squares in the scrappy border of this quilt I decided to quilt just smaller squares in the centers and for quilting templates I just stuck down post-it squares and quilted around the edges.  The rest of the quilting is just straight line quilting following the lines on the block pieces. Quilting made easy.

Then I packed up the table quilt, the two mug rugs and the eight tie backs I had volunteered to make and delivered them to their new home today.

It has been very hot here in my quilty corner of the world for the past few days.  Good weather to stay in and let the sewing machine hum along with the AC.  I am packing away the rest of the scraps and moving on to my next quilty project tomorrow. 

I am going to quilt a UFO while I have the walking foot on my machine.  Something bright and summery ...

... and has been sitting in my quilty queue for over two years, the Sunflower Wall Quilt and Tablerunner that I posted here in my blog in April 2010. Time to get these done!

<3 Happy Quilting! <3

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  1. Those came out so pretty! I love the red, it really does add a certain something. That sunflower runner is gorgeous, too. What beautiful work!


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