Friday, June 14, 2013

Random 5 / Feline Friday and Friends

(1) I am Pat and I am a "Spainaholic."
 This is one of my favorite blocks.
The focus fabrics are from my favorite fabric designer, Kate Spain.
If you want to see more lovelies made by other Spainaholics
visit the Show and Tell
If you love fabric, though, you need to know that this support group is more of a step process to acquiring more fabric and projects
that you want to sew.  Just saying ... ;)
 (2)  I love quilting curves.
I have just finished quilting this table runner for my son.
I have one of my June Goals done! Woo-hoo!
(3) I love sewing curves.
I love that Katniss loves to help me sew.
This is where I found the ruler and pattern that I used for the runner.
Option # 1 - grey center
Option # 2 - green center
 (3) This is on my design wall and I need to stop dithering and decide!
There is a link to this Free Quilt Pattern HERE.
I love the colors and fabric in this top, but I am having a tough time deciding which center block to choose.
Option #1 is according to the pattern.
Option # 2 is my quilty design diva asserting herself. 
This is more to do with my choice of fabrics for the test quilt I made
than with the original pattern design, which I really love.
If you wish to help me decide, please let me know which option you like best.  You do not have to be a quilter. 
Your opinion is much appreciated.
(4)  These are Half-Square Triangles.
This is another "UFO" or "Unfinished Fabric Object"
in my sewing room that is still waiting to be sewn into a quilt.
I have a few ... um ... a lot of these.
I did a HST Tutorial last October when I made these blocks and
Free Quilt Patters posted a link to it on Facebook this week and
I have gotten over 2000 hits on this one post. 
I am completely amazed by this ... =)

(5) I love Butterfly.
Both Butterfly and I are feeling a little
under the weather this week
and just want to cuddle in the quilts. 
However, we want all our feline loving friends to know that
today on her blog we found that
 Kate Spain has adorable kitties!
All the more reason why I <3 Kate Spain.
My quilty kitties and I are linking up with ...
Thanks for visiting my scrapatch!
~ <3 ~


  1. I'm definitely not a quilter, but I am a lover of quilts. I like your colorful half square pattern. Feel better soon.

  2. Green center gets my vote! :)

    Your work is beautiful, and you have quite an adorable helper in Katniss! I'm sorry you and Butterfly are feeling under the weather. I hope you're doing lots better soon.

  3. I recognize that block!!! Love it in the KS fabrics :*) And hoping you and your kitty both feel better soon! I just got home from taking my 17-year-old kitty to the vet to treat a UTI - bless her heart, she hates going to the vet!!!

  4. I love quilts, but I'm not a quilter. Your work is gorgeous and how lucky to have such delightful furry help! Feel better soon!

  5. I vote for Option #2. To me it just more appealing - just prettier. I love Kate Spain too. I didn't realized she had a blog. I really like that curved block. I think it wickedly wild, in it's own calm way. LOL Beautiful cats.

  6. i enjoy option #2 ... i love your patterns so fun!! those colors are great! always a fan of purple in anything i own. ( :

  7. I really like your first block, it's one I haven't seen before.

  8. Beautiful designs no matter what you choose -- feel better you two!

  9. So hard to decide for the centre but I think that's because they both look great. I love your hsts :)

  10. I like that curvy churn dash block!


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