Friday, June 21, 2013

Random 5 Friday - "to ponder"

(1) Pondering on a Japanese Red Maple
This tree looked so lovely against the blue summer sky that I had to take a picture.  It grows outside the door at the one-woman tailor shop I visited with my daughter to have her wedding gown fitted.  The tailor is a family friend whose son went to high school with my daughter.  I admired her tree and she asked me if I wanted one.  Apparently, she has them spring up like weeds in her yard and is always looking for someone to take one away.  I am negotiating with my hubby, who is not sure we need another tree in our yard.  I am reading up on the care of these trees here and here.
I am pondering.
Please share any thoughts you may have on these trees for me to further my ponderings.
(2) Word Ponder
When I was pondering on a word to pull these random rambles together, this word came to mind so I rambled around the search engines and found this interesting site for word lovers ...  

Part of Speech: verb
Definition: think about seriously
Synonyms: appraise, brood, build castles in air, cerebrate, cogitate, consider, contemplate, daydream, debate, deliberate, dwell, evaluate, examine, excogitate, figure, give thought to, meditate, mind, moon*, mull, mull over, muse, noodle around, perpend, pipe dream, put on thinking cap, puzzle over, reason, reflect, revolve, roll, ruminate, speculate, study, think out, think over, turn over, weigh, woolgather
[ source: ]
"Build castles in the air" is my favorite synonym here  :)
Pondering this word brought to mind, "Words," the old Bee Gee song added to my player.  This song is a old favorite.  I was happy to find that had this in the music stream

(2) fabric pondering
I am a quilty ponderer. 
I build quilty castles in the air. 
My "wool gathering" is more "cotton gathering."
I usually have an image of a quilt I want to make somewhere in my mind.
 I am also constantly meditating and rethinking my quilts in progress. 
This week the project On My Design Wall that has me pondering are the circle fabrics in this quilt.  The top is sewn and I am adding the applique circles, but I have two fabrics that did not make the cut in the original plan that I want to add to the top.  One of them is the lovely green on the left.  In the process of deciding if I wanted to add a circle, I decided to add another row of blocks on the outside edges that will make the quilt the wide queen size I like for a personal bed quilt.

(3) Pondering a Stamp Sized Quilt
I am pondering and working on a blog hop project that calls for making
a "stamp" quilt.
(4)  Pondering Teeny Tiny Strips of Fabric
This teeny tiny quilt called for cutting teeny tiny 3/4" strips.
The traditional quilter's seam is 1/4" wide.
Doing the math here ...
1/4" strip - two 1/4" seams = a finished 1/4 inch piece in the quilt.
Pictures of the teeny tiny quilt will appear on my blog on next Wednesday.
(5) Butterfly  Napping Pondering
My Friday post would not feel complete without at least one feline.
My Butterfly has been a constant helper and companion in my sewing room this week.  She has spent much of her time curled up in the sunny window. Both she and I are feeling better.
Thanks to all who sent well wishes last week.
Linking up again this week with the interesting bloggers at

Thanks to all who stop by and read my random ramblings.
May you days be filled with beauty and love.
~ <3 ~


  1. This is a cool 5, thanks for sharing them! We have a J Maple, it was here when we bought the house 13 no 14 years ago and it has never pushed up a shooter like the Lilac and nor has it given us baby JM's maybe it is a different variety here (south of france) we love our tree!

  2. Looking forward to seeing your wee quilt -- I hope you share with us next week.

    Thanks so much for joining in again Pat.

  3. seriously awesome randomness to ponder! :)

  4. A very unique approach to Random 5. Very enjyable.

  5. Your teeny tiny quilt sounds like a fun project.

  6. Your teeny tiny quilt sounds like a fun project.


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