Saturday, June 15, 2013

Shhhh ... Butterfly is sleeping ...

This test quilt is interrupted by a very important cat nap!
Butterfly, who has not been feeling well, was no where to be found
and hiding somewhere in the cellar this morning.
In the afternoon she appeared for a snack and went outside for awhile.
My kitty looks to be feeling a little better.
I am happy that she decided to help me press my freshly washed fabric
so I am not going to disturb her.
I am testing another up and coming quilt pattern from my talented friend,
As usual, I have too many  thoughts and choices for fabrics.
Hmmmm ...
 Leaf Symphony
These gorgeous, large scale fall leaf prints that have been waiting in my stash for a few years for the right pattern to come along?
... or ...
Shades of Summer
These lovely, shimmery, summery fabrics which my hubby loves?
I went to sleep last night ready to start cutting the leaf prints
this morning as soon as the pattern arrived in my inbox.
Instead of counting sheep, my mind counts my fabric blessings.
As I drifted off to sleep, I lovely parade of fabrics started
jumping over the fence saying, "Me! ... me!"
I went to sleep (with Butterfly cuddling against my legs) 
dreaming colors and prints and
I woke up this morning with a new quilt dream in my mind ...
and my dear Butterfly nowhere to be found ...
so I spent the early part of the day calling her and looking for her.

Also, I went stash spelunking in my closets and drawers and came up with the second summer colorway.
While I continued to fret over Butterfly, I washed some of the blue fabrics that had somehow been put away without making
the customary trip though the washer and dryer.
When he comes home, I am going to show the pattern to my hubby 
and let him decide this time.
If he likes the pattern, it will be the Shades of Summer
and this quilt will be started for him for Father's Day
and finished for his birthday at the end of August.
If he does not appear to like the pattern, I will start cutting leaves.

Despite being married for 32 years this summer and having attended
many, many quilt shows together, I still cannot predict for sure if he will really like a particular pattern or quilt.
Either color way will work just fine for me.


  1. They are both very pretty stacks of fabric :) it will be a beautiful quilt whichever way you go! Glad your kitty is feeling better :)

  2. love the top one but a nearly all blue quilt would be great also. Cat naps are very important.

  3. I think Butterfly is sleeping on it too...hope she feels better. Cat naps are good for what ails you. Both colorways are lovely. Stash spelunking...LOL. Clever!

  4. All of your fabrics are lovely. :)

    I'm glad Butterfly is a little better. I worry sick when one of ours is under the weather, and you do also. You and i have that in common.. a profound love for felines. They are so wonderful!

  5. Both colorways are lovely My Friend. Which pattern are you testing for Jess? I wish I had time to test the mystery this go around. lol Happy quilting :)

  6. Poor butterfly! Hope she's soon back to feeling 100%. For the quilt, I think either colourway would be lovely :)


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