Tuesday, August 27, 2013

More Hexie Fun!

Hand Stitched Folded Hexie Flowers
These are made from folded circles, no papers, no templates.
I learned this technique from my friend Cindy at the The Quilt & Needle 

This project is kept in a take-along bag that I carry around for those times when I will be sitting and looking for something to keep my hands busy.  I have been working on these for a long time and do not yet have a big enough pile for a quilt. 

These hexes are not as precise as the perfect EPP ones that I so admire, but they are much easier on my hands in which I have some arthritis.  I thought others who are looking for an alternative to the EPP ones, might be interested.
On the Quilt & Needle Forum we had a wonderful Hexagon Quilt-a-long.
There are other posts on the Q&N Blog showing these and other hexies like this post here from Dorian  ... Summer Quilts

 Someday I hope to have enough of these for a quilt!
Every time I lay these out on a table, Butterfly finds them. 
Butterfly wants this quilt for herself.

If you are stopping by via the blog hop,
this is not my Hexie Queen Blog Hop Post.

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Happy Hexing!


  1. I think Butterfly has the right idea. These are wonderful and I'm glad Butterfly has claimed them! lol

  2. hi....I don't use papers either in my method of making hexes....I cut out hexes first then just turn under 1/4 inch...they are pretty precise....I just finished 2 grandmothers flower garden quilts....you can see pictures at Quilt Stitching Blog if you like...now I am working with just the center and the first round like you are

  3. Love all those hexies.. and Butterfly is soooo adorable!!


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