Saturday, September 14, 2013

A New Mystery!

It is the Fall Mystery Weekend

Pattern available Here
As usual I am trying to decide on fabrics.
Color Choice 1
These aqua/yellow/gray fabrics are all from Hobby Lobby and are recent fabric acquisitions.  My Hubby and I just returned from a spontaneous road trip.  There is now a Hobby Lobby about forty-five minutes from me, but it does not seem to be as well stocked in the fabric and sewing sections as others that I have seen elsewhere. These were purchased in PA. I have found the quality and price of their fabrics to be very good.
They were not bought for this mystery, but when I returned home and caught up on my emails there was the one with the fabric requirements calling for six fabrics.  It seems fortuitous.

Color Choice 2
Also waiting for me when I returned home was a lovely birthday gifty from my dear friend, Dorian @ Ridge Top Quilts that had these two lovely orange Flea Market Fancy prints, my favorites from this famous line.  These are my first fabrics ever for this wonderful fabric line which I have been drooling over for a long time.  I pulled a yellow and red from my stash and rounded out the six fabrics needed with the new grays.

Color Choice 3
Fall Fabrics
These fabrics are all from my stash and ready to cut.

My new fabrics are swishing in the washer, so I have some time to decide.
:)  Opinions and advise always valued and appreciated.  :)


  1. You can never go wrong with an autumn color scheme. Mother Nature knows what she's doing.

  2. I think i like #2 because it's so vibrant and autumn-ish! But both sets of fabric are beautiful. I always love your posts. :)

  3. Love color way 1 but that print is awfully large. I guess there's no way to know how it will be used. But that's half the fun of a mystery, right?

  4. I would have trouble deciding...all of your fabric options are winners!

  5. I think you should do two quilts then you can use both stacks. Love them both
    xo jan


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