Saturday, January 18, 2014

Friendship Blocks Update

A few days ago I caught up with my 

Lolly Quiltz

I  started this swap HERE on my blog and the info 
on the "+ and x" block pattern is there.

I was late mailing my December Blocks due to the busy time of year, but now I have also made and sent my January Blocks so I am actually a few days ahead for once!
It is a good feeling. :)

These blocks really brighten my sewing room wall in the gray northern light.

I am swapping with my very bestest quilty friend,
Dorian @ Ridge Top Quilts

 Some of these blocks were made by her and some were made by me.
I am sure you cannot tell these blocks were made by two different quilters,
each from her own scraps.
Even I am having a tough time telling which ones I made.

Dorian is the first one to use some of her Kona solids scraps in these blocks.

I really liked the addition of the solids so I added some of my own this month.

These blocks are really fun and easy to make and a make a great use of scraps.

Looking forward to sewing next month's blocks!



  1. Teeeheheeehee, we are doing good. They look great together! :D

  2. I like the addition of the Kona solid. It certainly gives my eyes a place to rest. Great job!


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