Monday, January 13, 2014

The Stitchin' Sisters Round Robin is Hopping!

Watch the birdies in this beautiful medallion!
They are flying away to their first stop in the Round Robin.

This pretty block was made by my friend,

These birdies have a story to tell, so please click HERE.

 Border # 1 on Debbieann's Medallion

Tricia also added this beautiful, colorful border on Debbeann's block!

I am really looking forward to my time with both of these quilts in the making.

It will be a few months before they fly into my mailbox.

To see all of the round robins in progress click HERE.

Last night I made my first two buttons with a code to copy.

I am feeling pretty chuffed!

Stitchin' Sisters RR 2014

Here is the button for the  SSRR!

Life in the Scrapatch

I also made one for my blog!

If you would like me to try to write a tutorial for how I made these buttons,
please comment to let me know and if there is enough interest, I will give it a try although I make no claim to be a technical expert.

If you wish, please add my button to your blog

and come back soon!


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  1. Great starts on two quilts that are going to be fabulous!


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