Sunday, January 26, 2014

Think Ruffles!

Yes, I can Ruffle!

well ... I tried to ruffle ...

many, many years ago ...

my clueless attempts at ruffles ...

and quilting ...

This is my 2nd Quilt ever!

It was made for my 2nd baby!
(who is now 28)

As you can see it has been loved to shreds.

Time to ... 

...for my grandbaby!!

I have sent my email to ruffle Amy.

I will be a better ruffler!

Hoping you join us and ruffle along!
Right now I am working on my 3rd project for the ...
My post is actually all ready and waiting ...
but I had more fabric left ...
so clearly I had more to sew!

Katniss has been helping!

No ruffles on this one.

Maybe there should be ruffles?

No ruffles on my Paper Boat Mug Rug either ...

For My ...

The winner will be announced on February 15th!

I must Think Ruffles!

Time to go ruffle up a few ruffles ...

Have a Happy Ruffly Day!



  1. I think your ruffle quilt is so sweet! My brain is on overdrive with ruffle ideas. :O)

  2. Aww, your little quilt is sweet. I made my first baby a quilt. Got it all bound and everything... then I decided it needed ruffles. So I took of the binding and added ruffles. LOL, talk about not knowing what you are doing....teeheheheh.. I signed up too, not sure what I"m making yet though.

  3. Seeing your lavender ruffle quilt you made for your baby was so sweet it made me cry!

  4. How very sweet! And the mug rug is adorable! You are very talented! Hugs, Diane


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