Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Sunlight and Shadow in the Scrapatch

A new day

My oldest followers may remember photos
 when my sewing machine was tucked 
into this sunny window corner in my dining room. 
Lady Janome is getting settled in here again for a time.
I moved back to my dining room space on Sunday evening.

Ms Katniss, who does not remember these days, says, 
"Do I have to pack my toy box? What is happening in my sewing room?"
No worries, Ms Katniss, your toy box can stay.
You can still have your warm shelf over the radiator, too.
One of your boys is moving back home for a short while.
Just another loving hand to pet you.
I tucked your favorite basket in a nice spot in our new sewing area for you.
I am blessed to have The Boy home for awhile.

On Saturday, the baby shower for My Girl and Grandbaby-to-Be 
happened here with great fun and success. 

Lots of lovely gifts, including a quilt made and mailed by Sprout's Great Aunt JoAnne.

Cute little monkey booties from Great Aunt Lynn.

My daughter loved the soft minkee backed hooded bath wrap which I tucked into a blue whale baby bath with a rubber ducky and lots of bath goodies.
My Girl and Grandbaby were blessed with many beautiful gifts.
A fun day was had by all.

Then ...

On Sunday morning, my hubby went to the hospital for chest pains.
Monday was spent by my hubby's side at the hospital.
The full round of cardio tests are being run.
Several years ago he suffered a heart attack and had surgery, angioplasty and a stent implants, and was in the hospital over a month and recovered well 
but has been seeing a cardiac doctor regularly since then.
My hubby is doing okay.
I have Faith.
My Hubby and all my Family and my Home are in God's Hands
I am Blessed. 

Today my sewing machine is ready and waiting for me in my new/old space.

Update:  My hubby is now home.
After more testing, since they said the first results were not conclusive, they are saying it was not a heart attack. I am glad he had this checked out, though, as he still has the pain ... front and back right over his heart.  Must be only muscular. He has follow-ups with both his heart and his regular doctor.
I even got a little sewing time tonight ... it is a good  night.
Sweet quilty dreams

~ <3 ~


  1. Great to know that all is well wih you and the family and hope to see you back soon. Praying for a fast recovery of your husband, he will be in my prayers.

  2. Pat, I pray your hubby will continue to improve. Your sewing area looks very inviting! Looks like yall had a great time at the shower!
    Take care!
    xo jan

  3. Enjoy your sunny sewing spot. Prayers for hubby and restored health!

  4. Healing energy for your hubby. Ms. Katniss will be happy with more petting. Lovely gifts for daughter and grandbaby. Your spirit is refreshing. Prayers and blessings...

  5. I hope that your husband soon will be OK. And take care of yourself and enjoy your sewing in your sunny sewing spot. Hugs from Malmö, Sweden

  6. oh my gosh!!! last month we went through something like this with my hubby. everyone thought it was his heart and it ended up being his gal bladder needed to be removed. It was still very scary. my thoughts and prayers are with you. Make sure you take care of yourself so you won't get sick. Your sewing will keep. lots of hugs to you!!! one of my favorites scriptures is.... This to will pass. I kept saying that over and over this past month.

  7. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your hubby and family.

  8. Hi Pat , I have been off the grid for awhile and missed your news . I am so sorry about your husband and hope by now he is feeling better now. Prayers for him and all of you. Looks like a fun shower with lots of goodies for baby. Blessings and hugs Sandra

  9. Goodness! You have had a lot on your plate. Faith helps make it possible to see the blessings during the rough spots and I'm happy to hear that your hubby is home and doing well. Your girl looks beautiful and it sounds like your new grand baby will be all set. I want monkey booties!


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