Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Quilty Sneak Peeking

This is a sneak peak.

You will have to come back later ...

Hope to see you then!
For now I bring you ... 

Turtle Cat!

Here is a sneak peak of Turtle Cat!

Can you guess who this is???




Ms Katniss, the Turtle Cat!

Turtle Cat loves to play!

Katniss will stay under this table topper a long time and she swirls around 
after my fingers and the table topper turns with her. 
She has even been known to jump off the table and 
carry it along the floor on her back.

Turtle Cat makes me laugh!

The Turtle Shell

This is Katniss's favorite table topper.

I made this a long time ago as an 
"Ugly Fat Quarter Challenge" Project.
I did not think this fabric was very ugly.
Of course, I have said that I never met a fabric that I didn't like ... ;)
I also made a tea cozy.

If are interested, you may read about this

Turtle Cat is going back under her shell now.

Ah ... I forgot someone.

See someone peeking in the distance 
from her warm perch on her blankie on the radiator?

The Original Turtle Cat!

Wants to remind everyone that,
"I taught her that!"

Well, she did.

As I have said, Ms Katniss has learned how to be a cat from 
The Butterfly!

Original Turtle Cat says,

"Bye for now!"



  1. Can't wait to see!! Love your table topper! You did some mighty fine machine quilting on it. It' looks nice! Not ugly at all!

  2. Well turtle cat certainly has a lovely shell. Your quilting is bliss...


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