Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Hugs and Kisses XO ~ Pieces of My Heart

Hugs and Kisses XO to You!

When Madame Samm announced
this years' Hugs and Kisses theme 
and I saw the pretty paper pieced patterns that she and Soma from

 Whims and Fancies

had created for us

the image of ...

... an old fashioned fancy heart box 

popped into my head.

I knew that I had to make one of these!

So I gathered materials.

The heart box is actually a tin given to me by one year by one of my sons
as a Valentine Day gift that I have been saving to use again.

Lady Katniss was very interested in this project.

Very, very interested!

Teeny tiny pieces!
I down sized the pattern by 50% to fit the top of the heart tin.

Here are my arrow pieces before I cut the paper apart and sewed them together.
I used the traditional method of paper piecing that I was taught, sewing
through the paper pattern and removing the paper afterward.

I am really happy with how my heart came out.
My tin is only 9 inches across so I had to resize the pattern I chose for the top.

My finished heart is only 5 inches across!

I cut it to size for the top of the tin box and cut some batting to pad the top.

Then I looked for some bits and pieces to embellish the top.
These are all little buttons and things I won in giveaways that have been tucked away in my sewing room waiting for the right project.

I  cut a heart shaped piece of batting to pad the back of the top
and I echoed stitched around the heart with perle cotton.
I stored the thread and buttons in the tin while I sewed.
Of course, Lady Katniss helped.

 I found some pretty fabrics from my stash ...

... and used a sew and flip method to frame the heart.

Some of them I pieced before I sewed them to the heart.

Here is my top before embellishing.

Here is the padded back.
There are three layers of batting at this point ...

 ... and I added one more when I added the ruffle.

There had to be a ruffle!
This pink gingham fabric is very old thin fabric that was left from a project that I made for My Girl when she was a baby.

I sewed on some lace and ribbon trim that I also found from a long ago and forgotten time and I added the buttons.

I hand sewed pink fabric to cover the back of the heart
before I fixed it to the tin box top.

When I attached the heart to the box, I decided that I wanted it to be removeable
so I used a velcro strip that I had in my stash of supplies.
I glued the scratchy part to the tin with heavy duty double sided sticky tape.
The sticky tape is from a roll that was given to me by the local manufacturer when I was a cub scout leader over twenty years ago and I was looking for donations of supplies. They gave me a big boxful.  I am down to the last roll.
Then I hand sewed the soft part to the back of the heart.

Lady Butterfly helped.

This project has been quilty kitty approved.

Pieces of my Heart

Now my tin is filled with treasured pieces of my past
including these small photos of my children when they were young.
My sons are nine and seven years old and my daughter is five in these photos.

Of course, there were two more patterns to make ...

... sew I sewed!

These are the 10.5" of the original patterns.

What to make with these?

Sometimes simplicity is best.

So I framed these blocks with the white swiss dot 
that I used as the background fabric for the blocks.
Plans are to use the varigated pink fabric in the "O" Block
 that has shades from dark to medium pink for the binding.

What to make for the other side of the quilt?

Girl + Quilt!

Click here to read my post about the pattern details.

The pink and yellow floral fabric in the center plus is my favorite fabric in this quilt.
It reminds me of the roses in the curtains that my mother placed in my room
when I was a little girl.

I am quilting ... quilting ... quilting ...

I quilted organic free style hearts around the XO.
Now I am adding a fill design inside the heart 
and I have other quilting plans for the space outside.

I have come down with a sore throat and a winter cold and I am achy and moving slow 
so I will not have the quilting done and the binding on for a day or two.

I did enjoy venturing out in the sun and snow to breath the clean frosty air 
while taking these photos for you.

Finished Quilt Here!

{{{{{{{hugs}}}}} and XOXOXO

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Lady Carol

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Lady Pat

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Thank you, Madame Samm and Soma!

... for these these pretty paper piecing patterns ...
... and for donating the proceeds to charity <3

... just keep quilting ...

Thanks for visiting my scrapatch!
Have a Happy Heart Day!
XOXOXO from me to you! 


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