Friday, March 28, 2014

"I Spy A Triangle" Quilt

"I Spy A Triangle"

This is what I am calling this new quilt.

I am joining in this quilty fun ...

The Sassy Quilter

Here is the stack of fabrics I pulled for this quilt.
The stripe on the bottom is my tentative plan for binding fabric.

This quilty fun is being hosted by Paula @ The Sassy Quilter
and she has lots of tips and tricks.

One of them is to use lots of Best Press to help control the stretch of the bias cuts.

So I sprayed and pressed, 

Here are my stacks of triangles.

One of them was an impulse addition while I was cutting 
and I do not think it will make it into this quilt.

Can you tell which one? 

Hint:  It is not in the stack above.

It looks out of place with the other fabrics in this photo, 
but it actually does not look so out of place on my table.
Sometimes I like to study the photos as it gives me a chance to step back 
and give me a new perspective.

I am linking up today with all the pretty quilts in progress in

Thanks, Paula!

Update with a sunny morning photo of my fabrics 
... with the odd fabric out ... 

I am enjoying seeing all the pictures of the quilts in progress in the 

Lots of pretty eye candy!

Have a happy quilty weekend!



  1. Love your triangles :) I'm thinking third row, first one on right. . . but only cuz I cheated - I went back and looked at your stack of fabric :) I think you should try it in the layout and then take a picture before taking it out completely. I like it!

  2. This is going to be a darling quilt Pat! And I agree, that fabric doesn't look right in there :)

  3. An eye spy triangle is a cool idea! I am joining in the QAL too, it will be sew fun to see all the finishes!

  4. Those fabrics are going to make a sweet quilt! :0)

  5. I think that the photos give us a great perspective too. Those are going to make a great finish.

  6. I love the fabric! I am sure that your quilt is going to turn out SO CUTE! I can't wait to follow along with your progress during the Triangle Quilt-A-Long (I am participating too!). ;) -Brittany

  7. You have such a lovely blog. I love it.
    I do agree, the quilt will be much better without the intruder. I mean the colour sure looks right but something is wrong. It looks like it will be a very interesting I spy quilt.

  8. What a great idea to make it an I Spy. They all look fine to me, but then you have to happy.

  9. This is going to be so cute! blessings, marlene

  10. Another sweet quilt with adorable fabric. I wish I was as fast as you. I have done six blocks of my swoon quilt done. Now I am laid up with Sciatica and tomorrow I hope to try some acupuncture .i am in so much pain I didn't have my grandson this weeken, first time in three months. Lol I need to get back to sewing. Blessings Sandra

  11. This is going to make a super cute quilt for someone special! Love the monkeys!


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