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Twist & Turn Hexie Jar Opener Tutorial

Twist & Turn Quilted Jar Openers!

I have arthritis in my hands and find these so useful in my kitchen.

The shelf liner grips smooth metal caps and rough edge plastic caps comfortably and easily.

I can even open tough caps on small necked bottles with one of these.

~ <3 ~

For a basic tutorial for an easy sew square opener for sewing both openers, read the

Tips and Tricks Here

To make the hexie ones I used some of my "Sunnyside"Honeycombs.
which I was lucky enough to win in a giveaway from the lovely

Amy @ Sew Incredibly Crazy

during the hexie hop last year.

I also cut strips from the lovely birthday fabric gift from my friend,

Dorian @ Ridge Top Quilts

and I also cut some strips from my treasured Kate Spain stash.

Cut all strips WOF and sew as you go,
trimming them down as needed as you go along.

I cut 2.5" strips.

Next time I may cut narrower strips.

The grippy side is cut from silicone type shelf liner.

For the back I  used my hexagon ruler to cut the

Making the twisted hexie one, requires sewing a  partial seam.

Partial seams are easy.

Here is the method I use:

I cut all my strips oversize and cut them down after I sew.

Line up your first strip on top of one side of the honeycomb hexie.

Measure about one inch from the beginning edge of the seam and 
insert a pin to mark the beginning of your first seam.

Remove the pin and press needle down at this starting point.

Stitch to the other edge as usual.

Here is a close-up of the beginning of the seam.

You will close this seam after your last strip is added.

Press inward toward the hexie.

Continue adding a strip to each side of the hex closing all other seams as you usually sew,

For this one, the orange strip was the last added.
In the picture above I have folded the first strop with the partial seam over the last orange strip.

 Needle down a few inches before the end of your partial seam 
and sew to the outside edge of the last strip added,
closing the partial seam.

Cut away the extra fabric. 

Your hexie will be oversized and you will need to cut it down to size.

I used a 6.5" Fons and Porter Hevie ruler to cut all my hexes.

A straight edge ruler  can also be used.
In this photo I laid my regular 6.5" cutting ruler on top of the hexie ruler to cut the long edges.
If you do not have a hexie ruler, use the lines on the ruler and mat to cute the hexie shape.

Here is the pressed back of the hexie showing all the trimmed to size seams.

To make the jar opener,
sandwich the hexie right side up with the 
shelf liner hexie.
Place the liner on top.

The grip is cut from 

easyLiner  shelf liner.

I use a plain white cotton liner.
Flannel also works if you would like a little more cushion in your jar opener.
I have not tried thin batting, but this might also work. 

I like to place one pin on each side to hold the layers together
and remove the pins as I go.

Leave an opening on one side to turn your jar opener right side out.

Trim the corners to make getting the sharp points easier.

Press the TOP SIDE ONLY!

You do not want to melt the shelf liner onto your iron.

Topstitch close around all the edges.

I like to put a pin in the open edge to hold it closed until I remove the pin and sew.

I added one echo line of quilting in the center.

Enjoy using your new nifty jar opener!

Thank you to all who have left lovely comments.

My daughter and grand-darling are flying in today for an extended holiday visit ...

... which is the best Christmas present of the year!

I have been busy cleaning up my shared sewing space and tucking stuff in closets.

I hope to respond personally to all the kind words as soon as I have time ...

well ... when I am not cuddling the baby girl .... ;) 



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