Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Can Quilt!

I am quilting!

This may not sound like much of an accomplishment on a quilting blog
 but for me right now it is wonderful.

I have been struggling since my eye surgery with being able to see to do everyday tasks.

After looking locally and buying and trying ... and some returning ... on two online sites,

 I have finally found readers that I can use to quilt!

Regular readers just were not working even though I tried different powers to 
find something that would work at the arm length needed to quilt and cut.

I am not in any way sponsored by or associated with this site.
I am just a happy customer.
Good quality.
Free shipping.
Free return shipping.
Easy to return.
Right now they are having a 
B1G1FREE offer.
If you are looking for readers, check it out.

I also bought a good pair of sunglass readers which are a big help as my eyes are sensitive to light.

I do hope that my vision will be healed enough when I see my eye doctor next week that he may be able to prescribe new progressive trifocals
but for now these multifocus readers are a blessing.

Also a blessing ...

These lovely ...


for a very special project.

Katiness is, of course, my ever present quilty helper.

We cannot wait to show you this one!

Wait we must though as this one will appear on the 

Soon as I can get it finished and it can be scheduled.

More info soon!

Until then ...

Katniss says ... "No Peaking!"



  1. I'm so glad that you were able to find some readers to help you get back to sewing. It's a major restriction when our vision doesn't cooperate. Hope your eye appointment goes well. Too bad Katniss can't run the sewing machine for you!

  2. That is great you found some readers that you can use! I hope your eyes heal completely and wonderfully for you. I am going to look at that site as I have bought and thrown out more readers as I just can't see good with them. I wear bifocal contacts and then have to wear readers too for sewing, reading the computer etc. The ones off the rack at the drug store and walmart just are not good.

  3. Hurray! You've been very patient.

  4. That has to have been so frustrating! I'm glad that you found someting htat will work for you.

  5. Yah, I'm so glad you found some readers to help My Friend!!! I know how much you were pinning away to do some quilting ;)

  6. You still mange to keep busy Pat even with your eye problems. I am glad that you have found some appropriate readers to help. I have had to wear the trifocal progressive glasses for years because of FM and they took some getting used to but love them now.. Love the fabric, I finally finished quilting Scott's quilt and now for binding. I loved hand quilting but can't do any more. Hugs and Blessings Sandra

  7. That is WONDERFUL news, Pat! May each passing day strengthen and heal you eyes. I may try those glasses too...I need light readers, but I take them on and off hundreds of times a day when I am at work at the sale barn and it sure would simplify things if I could find something else that wouldn't make me queasy when I look up from the screen. Thank you for the link and continued prayers for your healing.


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