Friday, March 20, 2015

Sew I Stitch

When I saw this "meet and greet" sponsored by the lovely
Madame Samm @ Sew We Quilt
I did not sign up because I do not really think of myself as a hand stitcher
and felt my efforts would seem too small.

When I looked through my blog tonight, I was surprised to find that I have done bits and pieces of hand quilting accents on my projects that really enhanced their beauty.

So I have decided to add this link to the get together.

Many of these projects were for Sew We Quilt blog hops.

No surprise there, Mdm Samm has a way of inspiring me to challenge myself.

So here are my humble hand projects ...

All the beautiful hand work that I have seen lately online has been making my fingers itch to pick up some beautiful embroidery threads again and try my hand.

I know the links here in the Meet and Greet will amaze and astound and inspire me.

Many, many years ago I did both hand embroidery and cross-stitching,
but my vision issues keep me from doing much close work these days.

Since I have had recent eye surgery, even my sewing machine work has been a challenge lately,
but I am hoping that soon with my new implant lens
supplimented by the external prescription my eye doctor will soon be able to give me,
that maybe I can stitch again.

Sew I am planning a simple project to get me started so I may stitch along with you.

Thank you for visiting.

<3 Pat


  1. and look, you have done so many stitchings...and each one as pretty as the next...of course these days i seem to be drawn to the pinks..wink

  2. Lovely, lovely work, Pat! Tiny steps, my dear. Continued get well quicker wishes!

  3. Hi! Nice to meet you! Thanks to "Meet and Greet" project I discovered your blog. I like your hand quilting. I also used to do some baby quilts and one bed quilting. Your vintage heart looks great!

  4. I hope you'll be able to do some up close and personal stitching soon my Friend. I, too, miss it. I've wanted to try my hand at embroidery for quite awhile now, but my hands just can't hold the needle anymore.

  5. Yes, Pat, you have a lot to share with us! You have done some beautiful hand work!

  6. Great work, Pat! You have made so many beautiful hand sewing projects! I hope your vision will cooperate soon so that you can make more lovely projects!

  7. I really like those hexies with the embroidery in them. Nice work!

  8. Your quilting and stitching is absolutely lovely, Pat! So glad I found your blog!

  9. You ARE a hand sticher and a good one at that! Your work is beautiful. I am glad you joined in.

  10. I love that you combine embroidery and quilting. Your projects are beautiful.

  11. What lovely stitching. You have made some beautiful things. So glad you joined in the meet and greet.

  12. Beautiful stitching !!
    And great quilts,too.


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