Saturday, September 18, 2010


Fall countdown banner

I shall be happy this year to see the summer allergy season come to an end. It has been a long, hot, dry summer.

Life has been in the way far too often to the past few months and I have not been sewing. Usually everyday troubles make me wish to see the pretty fabric flowing through my fingers and soothe and smooth away the wrinkles, but it just has not been sew.

I am hoping the cooler weather will bring more than a change in the seasons ... a new beginning rather than just an end of something ... "seasons change and so do I" ...

I am hoping there is time left for you ...

........... Trivia Time: Name that song ;) ...........


  1. Pat,
    Here's hoping the beginning of Fall will make you feel better. I have missed your posts on the forums. Hugs, to you.

  2. Thanks, Rebecca :)

    Here's hoping that all the stuff that has been getting in the way ... (and just seems to have no end in sight) ... shall soon be over and I have time to sew and visit with my quilty friends again. ;)


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