Saturday, May 29, 2010

The Choice is Mine!

... For the Theme for the June Charm Swap on Block Central!

These are 6" Square Charms.

I have chosen a Black/White Theme ...

one black-on-white print charm
one white-on-black print charm

I hope everyone likes my choice. :-)

I have had a lot of fun with these quick and easy swaps. Members take turns choosing the color choice or theme and each of us send two different 6" squares directly to each swapper. This is great way to use up stash and gather fabric for a charm quilt. If you have what is needed in your stash the cost is only a .44 cent stamp to get two new charms. It is always fun to see what others will send and I have really received no duplicates of fabrics in all the months I have been playing.

With these black/white prints I have a plan to add some of the bright colored charms I have received in previous swaps and make a bright and bold quilt.

If you would like to join in the fun, sign-up here ...

New swappers are always welcome!!

On the home front, I have had a very nasty summer cold that just does not want to quit and I have gotten very little done this past week. Nor was I well enough to go to the quilt shop yesterday to use their long-arm as planned to quilt a couple of quilts. I do not even really feel like going on a quilt shop adventure today although my hubby would like to go on an excursion. Last weekend, before my cold became full-blown, we did have a lovely outing to a quilt shop on the way to the beach where he added to His Oriental Fabric Stash and then we journeyed on and indulged in a real treat ... a huge, yummy Fisherman's Platter at the best place on the northshore of Boston for fried fish. Mmmmmmmm!

Hope everyone enjoys a wonderful long Memorial Day Weekend!

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  1. You sure picked a winner... it got me thinking... then cutting and now I have a whole new quilt to quilt. I finished up my black and white (and lime) quilt just as this swap was finishing up. I love it! Thanks for the inspiring color choice.


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