Thursday, May 13, 2010

Layer Cake Swap - Ready,Set, Go!!

This is what my sewing area looked like early this morning. I am taking a break and smelling the coffee.

I have been hosting a "Spring Back to the 30's Fabric Swap" on the Quilt & Needle. I love scrappy quilts and this is a great way to share fabric with quilters all over the country ... and even Canada and the UK. It is a bit pricey with the cost of mailing things these days, but when I sew a quilt I can smooth the fabrics and think ... "oh, this lovely bit came from over the pond from my friend Milica" ... or ... "this pretty one is from Ms Cindy, the Misisipimenace" ... or ... "this one is unique, it came from a shop in Ontario where my friend Debbieann shops and she sent me the cutest kitty fabric to pay for her return postage" ... these fabrics are special. It is like attending the local quilting bee in the 30's where friends passed scraps around the circle while they sewed. This is just the high-tech, up to date quilting bee. The technology may be new but the "squishies" are warm and familiar. To follow the swapping, read this thread ...

For this we swapped homemade "Layer Cakes," sets of 10-inch squares, ten squares to a set. There was some drama with the postal system waiting for the last box to arrive this week, but now it is all good. The statistics for this swap are:

15 swappers

132 layer cakes

216 different fabrics

1320 individual 10" squares

Fun ... Fun ... Fun!

There will very likely be a few more squares cut by me to add more variety for the swappers with the largest number of sets ... and ... um ... so I get more fabric in the end. I like to wait to cut these last few until I see all the fabrics in the swap so as to try to not add duplicates. Right now there are only three duplicate fabrics.

For pictures of all the yummy fabrics in this swap, view or album, here ...

More photos coming later ... time to finish my coffee and get back to swapping ... :-) Pat

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  1. Honestly, Pat, I don't know how you keep it all straight.


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