Sunday, January 13, 2013

My Sewing Room Today

Katniss and I welcome  you to  My Sewing Home  today!
Since I just mixed into my new sewing room last fall, I am still in the process of getting everything out of some of the storage boxes and organized.  For many years I was sewing in my dining room and my pretty fabric was hidden away here and there in closets and other out of the way places in my house.  I was always looking for where I put something after I had to clean up for company and holidays. I am still exploring a way to set up a color wall for my fabric.  So my sewing room is a constant  "WIP" while I work on my "WIPs." In October and November I added a lot of posts and photos of  My New Sewing Room if you are interested in more "before and after" pictures and reading.

Thanks for visiting me today!

I am joining in the Linky Party at Sewn and enjoying all the lovely sewing spaces linked there.

Please come in and sit and sew awhile ... or enjoy the NFL playoffs with me today.

Have a happy quilty (and football) day!
Best of luck to all the teams and all the players and all the fans!

Hope to visit your sewing space, too!



Dorian said...

Looks like you have anice, cozy space there Ms Pat :) Love that piece on the chair back ;)

Scrapatches said...

Dorian ... it is a very pretty table runner and keeps my back cosy, too ... thanks, my friend ... :)

Leila said...

Beautiful! I love your valance and the blue blocks you are working on!
Thanks so much for linking up!

mammafairy said...

What a lovely space in which to work! The thought of not needing to tidy away and lose all sorts of stuff just because company is coming! bliss!

Popped in from Sewn!

Scrapatches said...

Thanks for stopping by and visiting me in my sewing home ... :) Pat