Saturday, January 19, 2013

My Rainbow Scrap Challenge Block

My Rainbow Scrap Coin Block
2" pink scrap strips (random lengths over 4.5 inches)
2" white scrap strips (random lengths over 12 inches"
Pink and White Scraps
Pink Scraps organized . 2" strips
chain sewing strips
Sew 2" pink strips together, adding new strips as the top or bottom ones runs out to make 2 strip pairs

Cut into 4.5 inch paired strip sets

cut and sewn into 4.5" strip sets

Sew pairs together to make strip sets of 4 strips
8 coins = 12 inch strip set

Sew 4 strip units together to make strips of 8 coins

3 strips with 2" white sashing
makes a 15" block 
Two blocks done!

My plan is to use white sashing, also scrappy, between the blocks after I
have all my rainbow of color blocks done.  I am not sure how many of each color block I want to make or how I am going to lay out the blocks.  For now I am just going to sew as many blocks as my Saturday sewing schedule allows and see what this produces.
I am sewing these blocks for my ...
I am linking up at the So Scrappy Blog again this week, where there are some very bright and scrappy happy quilts being made.  They are "scrapalicious!"
I am pretty happy with the way this is looking so far.  I have had "Coin Quilt" on my "Quilts I Want to Sew List" for some time.
I have to other projects in the queue for the remainder of any sewing time today and for tomorrow.
Have a happy scrappy quilty day!


scraphappy said...

Perfect rainbow scrap using block. It looks great against the white sashing. Thanks for joining in.

Scrapatches said...

Thanks! ... and Thank You! for running the RSC ... :) Pat

Sheila said...

Love your pink scraps. I'm going to enjoy watching your rainbow quilt come together this year.

Edith said...

Nice pink fabrics there and nice that you are sewing something from your list.

Deb A said...

Love your pink coins. Thanks so much for the tutorial.

Quilter Kathy said...

I LOVE your coin blocks...that will be such a great quilt.

Cathy Tomm said...

Great coin blocks. It will be a good rainbow quilt.

Elly D said...

Such pretty pink fabrics in your scrap box! Lovely blocks :)