Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Favorite Quilt at MQX New England

This is a quilt.
Great Blue Herons
Quilt made by Joanne Baeth
I was fortunate enough to see this quilt at the MQX New England
I did not make this quilt.
I do not even aspire to making a poor facsimile of this quilt.
I love this quilt.
If the MQX show comes near you, you may see this quilt ... and sew many other amazing quilts that are not to be missed.

 This quilt was made by
Click on this link to see more of her work.
Here are some more pictures of this quilt ...

My photos do not do this quilt any justice.
I could look at it for hours and still find something new to see.

many hours
crosshatching on the corner
border detail
every bird is different
This bird is looking back at the viewer and the eye seems to follow.

Thanks, Joanne, for sharing your work.


  1. You would almost think it's a painting. Beautiful

  2. This is amazing! Stunningly beautiful and hard to imagine how anyone could quilt like that. Thank you for sharing your photos :)

  3. Stunning! I wouldn't have believed it was a quilt ... what an amazing talent. Thanks for sharing Pat :)

  4. Absolutely amazing artistry! I'm surprised this quilt didn't take best of show, although I also loved the one that did (saw a post about it yesterday).

  5. I, too, love this quilt. I've studied it in the magazine. Can't imagine seeing it up close and personal. Thanks for the awesome photos!


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