Saturday, October 26, 2013

Spider Web Quilt-Along ~ Part 4 ~ Sashing and Piecing the Web

Weaving the Web

Time to add the black sashing strips and to piece and finish the top!

From your border and webbing fabric cut:  1 and 1/4" inch strips

The number of strips you will need will depend upon the WOF. 

You will be sewing one strip to one side of each triangle so you will need 8 strips.

Cut one strip and gage how long it needs to be for your web, allowing 2" beyond the edges of both the center and the outer edge of your triangles, so that you will have nice web points on the outer edge and enough to sew the center point of the web.

Cut strips and cut them to size as you sew ...

Add one strip to the left side of your triangle unit as shown above.
Fold the right side over the left triangle and align the curved we,
 pinning these intersections.
Remove pins as you sew.

Your web pieces will look like this,
Sew a black strip to the left side and add two more triangle units in this manner to form a half of your web.
This is one half.
In this photo I have already trimmed the inside center point of the black strips where they meet to form the hub of the web.
Notice that there is no black sashing on the bottom of this half.

This is what the pressed back of the half looks like. 
I pressed the pieced triangles toward the black sashing.
Sew the second half in the same manner.
Add a long 1 and 1/2" strip to one long side of one half.

This will connect the two halves neatly
and make the center seam
less bulky

Sew the two halves together.

I am sorry my camera battery needed recharging
and I did not take photos of these steps.
For my center I cut a little white spider from a scrap piece of this fabric:

my circle was about 2 inches round

 to add  a nice touch to my web

I cut a smaller circle of batting and folded the fabric circle over the edge and inserted my needle here to hide the knot. 

Then I folded the rest of the edge under as I sewed it to the web,
by inserting my needle through the back edge to hide my stitches ...

... as I sewed around the circle

The batting circle gave my spider a nice little cushion.

The web is ready for finishing!

If you have missed any installments in this

Spider Web Quilt-Along

~ <3 ~

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  1. I love this but since I have been sick with Bronchitis for the last three weeks I will have to file it for next year.
    Hope you are well don't get the virus going around it was shared by my Grandson and now the whole family has had it including my hubby who never gets sick.
    Hugs and Blessings Sandra


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