Sunday, October 27, 2013

Spider Web Quilt-Along ~ Part 5 ~ Quilting, Binding & Finshing!

Time to Quilt!

Measure your web from point to point to determine your backing size.

I cut a 30" square of black backing fabric.

Then I cut a piece of batting the same size.

I used a stiffer polyester batting for this one to help give the points stability: "Soft and Bright" by Warm Company. 

My quilting thread was this spool of
Superior "Nite Lite"
which is a glow-in-the-dark polyester thread.
I usually use Superior "King Tut" Cotton or Aurifil Quilting weight cotton for quilting.  This was the first time I used polyester thread and it worked well with my regular Microtex Quilting needle.
First I quilted the spokes outward from the center.

Then I quilted around the center circle applique and then
I  quilted each curve of the web.

I stopped and lifted my walking foot and turned the quilt
to re-align for each arc of the web. 
After sewing the inside curves of the web,
I cut the eight sides of my quilt straight.
The I added the outside quilting lines in the outer border.
I marked the inner and outer points on the first curve and
stitched removing the pins as I went.
After the first curve I just eyeballed the inside center point for the curve by looking for the seams of the charms.
The quilting is done!
I like the simple straight lines of this web.
You may want to add more lines
or do your own quilting design on your quilt.

I measured my points at this time to make sure they were a even length
and I put one pin to mark the correct length for each point
and I cut the points to 1" beyond the pin, as needed,
removing the pins as I went around the sides.
To prepare the quilt for binding,
cut the curves for the web using the Quick Curve Ruler or whatever you have been using to cut the curves.
I cut 1/4" beyond the edge of the black border fabric.
Ready for Binding!
Binding strips

Cut binding strips from your front border fabric or your choice of binding fabric:

1 and 1/2" strips ... I cut 3 WOF strips and had plenty.

Sew your binding strips together into one long strip.

I did a single fold binding.
Sew  your binding to the front of your quilt, starting at one point,around using a 1/4" seam from the edge of your border fabric
Ease your curves gently without stretching the binding strips.
At the points, make a fold to match the lines
of the points; mine was about a 60 degree fold.
Fold the binding over to the back, pinning the corners
or using binding clips according to your usual method
hand sew the binding to the back using an invisible hem stitch
Remove pins as you go.

And Fun!
Thank you for following along my
Spider Web Quilt Tutorial!

 Links to all the steps may be found here!
If you have any questions as to the technique that needs clarification
or suggestions to improve this tutorial,
 please feel free to post in a comment
or email me. 
If you sew one of these, this year or next year,
I would also love to see photos of your finished quilts!
If you post pictures on your blog or flicker album or online,
please link back to my pattern on my blog.
My email address may be found at "Contact Me" in the bar
at the top of my blog.
Happy Quilting and Happy Halloween!


Theresa said...

Love this!

Ranch Wife said...

Such a cute and creative project, Pat! oh, and you have James Taylor playing! Great project, great music!

thepiececorps said...

Luv it!

thepiececorps said...

Luv it!

thepiececorps said...

Luv it!

thepiececorps said...

Luv it!

e said...

I loved this project as soon as I saw it on Wicked. It is absolutely fabulous. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. I can't wait to make it.

Anonymous said...

I have already ordered the mini charms, and have the black Kona! It was so generous of you do the tutorial for us. I wouldn't have found you if it hadn't been for the Halloween Blog hop! Now I'm going to be a follower. 8-)

Ale jc said...

Love the thread thanks to you for your tut