Saturday, April 12, 2014

More Stitchin' Sisters RR Fun

For the 2nd Border on Tricia's Round Robin, Annette set it on point 
creating this big beautiful "Geese in the Air" formation.

The yellow fabric in the triangles is a gorgeous tonal that glows.
I know because this arrived here yesterday for my to add the 3rd border.
I love fall colors and birds so this one will be fun to work on.
I have it pinned up in my sewing area to study it awhile.
I do have a few ideas and consulted with my Stitchin' Sisters.

What would you add for a border?

Any suggestions?

And here is Tricia's border on Cherie's applique basket medallion.
After the eye popping chain and star border that preceded it she wanted to add a simpler border frame.

Here is a closeup of the fabrics and blocks.

This one has two more stops before I will receive it to add the last border.

More Stitchin' Sister Round Robin updates coming soon!



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