Tuesday, August 18, 2015

One Block


One Block?

That is all I have to show for my sewing accomplishments for the summer right now.

That is a pretty sad state of quilty affairs, if I say so myself. 

Which I do ... since I need tell myself to get some serious quality time with my sewing machine!

Life is always better and happier when seen from my happy quilty place.

This block is Block 1 from a local BOM that I am participating in at

The program is set up so that you pay for the first block and a small registration fee and if you show up each month with your completed block you get the next block kit free.
I also signed up for the extra challenge kit at $6 per month.

My block is a variation of the sample block as I changed  out two of the solid colors 
and added the print to the quilt in the center square.  

As long as you make the block, how you choose to place the colors and such is okay at Quilter's Way where they encourage creativity.

As Jane, the owner, is very creative this is a great way to learn new tips and tricks and techniques.
The method for making the above block was new to me and I really like it.
Sorry I cannot share what I learned as it is Jane's idea.
If you want to learn ... 
See Jane.
See Jane Sew.

There were three choices of colorways for this Saturday Sampler BOM.

I signed up this year because I saw this fabric  ... 

... and I fell in love!

This fabric is from the

I wanted much more than the small pieces in the kit,

so I found it HERE at Fabric.com

which I purchased for the backing of my quilt.

I also purchased a yard of each on these fabrics at Quilter's Way on their monthly deal.

The one on the left is for my binding fabric, I think.

The one on the right will up here and there in my blocks.

The monthly deal is another good reason for participating in this Saturday Sampler.

There is so much quilty inspiration in this shop.

If you live near Acton Woods stop by 
 sometime and enjoy the creative vibes and friendly, knowledgeable people.

There are some other fun shops in this plaza an a good coffee spot.

I do not know what the layout of the final quilt will be.

That is a mystery that only Jane knows.

I like mysteries ... :)

Thanks, Jane.

Here are the rest of my monthly block kits that I have accumulated.

I used my "one free month" option last month as I did not get Block 2 done.


I did not get one quilt block sewn in the month of July???

:: sigh ::

I know there have been a lot of things that took priority over my sewing this summer,
but I still feel like such a slacker.

Time to sew!



  1. Hey, be kind to yourself! Sometimes life just gets in the way! It sure is a pretty block and some nice fabric. I did one of those $5 BOMs a long time ago with two friends. We had so much fun meeting up each month and going to the shop for our next block. I was in Massachusetts then, too! Enjoy life, whether you get to that machine or not! XO

  2. Don't be so hard on yourself, Pat. It's summertime and it's time to get out and enjoy what life has in store. Time enough to sit indoors sewing when the snowflakes fall.....remember last winter?! I know, me neither. lol

    Enjoy! Oh, and I love your fabrics! :-)


  3. Hi Pat happy to see you back. I know you were going to be really busy but I know that you will get back into the groove very quickly. I hope you had a wonderful summer with all of the family. Hugs Sandra

  4. goo to see you back and into your stitching again, not seen this block before, very nice and hope to see some more of the bocks soon. Nice fabrics you have bought too,

  5. It's so nice to see you back to blogging... and stitching Ms Pat! That block is really neat. Looking forward to seeing this come together.

  6. Don't worry about it! I managed to get two blocks done over the summer. Life just gets in the way. Even though it's only one block, it's a great one! Can't wait to see the rest.

  7. Pat, I hope all is well. You are ahead of me. I haven't finished one block. My sewing machine needs to go to the shop and when I called the repairman, he had already left for the day and I keep forgetting about it even though the machine is sitting in the dining room and I pass by it every day. I have my Featherweight on the dining room table and haven't touched it. A few years ago I did the BOM where you pay $5 up front and show up each month with your completed block and get the kit for the next month. I tried it twice with the same quilt shop and ended up in tears both years and said never again with that quilt shop. There was rarely enough fabric in the kit and it was always our fault that there wasn't enough fabric - we never cut our pieces in the correct order. Yeah, right! They expected us to put some other fabric in to substitute for the pieces that we were short due to our fault. You either had a block that looked like a hot mess or had to recut all the pieces for the fabrics that were short. The blocks had tons and tons of pieces. Lots of times the store didn't even have fabric that you could buy if you desired to put in your kit. We had horrible winters and it was inconvenient to get to the shop, too. My friend and I got disgusted with one of the ladies who ran the program at the shop where we had to sit with the run-down of all the new items in the store - she had the most disgusting giggle. I'm thrilled that you are off to a great start and are learning a great new technique. I later attended a BOM through my favorite quilt shop in town where we paid for every block and we had an optional monthly show and tell tutorial for us. It was wonderful. I still have most of those blocks to still make. It was fun and informational. Very different. It sounds like you have a wonderful quilt shop and an owner who is interested in her customers not just making a dollar. It sure makes a difference. I'm thrilled to see you. I'm glad to see you at the machine and on the blog.

  8. Only one block, but it is a beautiful block. Sometimes life just gets in the way of sewing and that's okay. :O)

  9. Just saw this blog post and I have to say Thanks for all your lovely comments about Quilter's Way! I love the way you are adding your own creativity to our BOM - keep it up. I'm sure you have more blocks done by now.


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