Monday, August 24, 2015

The Sky Has Fallen ...

... on my sewing table!

Surprise, surprise ... unwelcome surprise.

My long time readers may remember that last February in the midst of the winter that would not end, the ceiling in the bay wall area where my sewing machine lives started dripping from ice dams on the roof.
It dried, I sewed on and I learned to live with the slightly ugly ceiling 
while our attentions and efforts have been focus 
on more pressing home improvement issues.

Last Friday, the ceiling said "my turn!" 

The big splat you see on the above table grazed the back on my covered sewing machine.
My sewing machine is fine ... thank goodness!

I had to move everything  so we could work.

My hubby did all the real work.

My computer is just to the right of the area in this photo and it, too, has been covered.

Here is this WIP today.

The new plaster has dried and the has been painted.

The new paint is drying.

The covers are off.

Tomorrow I home to move all my sewing stuff back.

I hope to be sewing ... 
again ... soon ... really ... ;)


  1. Thank goodness everything else was fine. You'll be happy to have it all repaired.

  2. Oh Pat, what a pain! I'm so glad though, that neither you nor your machine were landed upon and hurt. Glad it's been fixed and hopefully there will be no more trouble from that part of your house. HUGS!

  3. good to know it did not do any damage to sewing machines, computers etc just a pain and stops the stitching for a short while

  4. Glad to hear you're all right. And I'm glad you were able to fix the problem, hopefully for a good long time!

  5. Oh, it could have been so much worse! Thank heaven your husband could fix it up!


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