Sunday, April 10, 2016

Orange You Glad it is Orange Month?

This pile of scrap fabrics landed on my cutting board as it is
orange month  at the


Orange scraps managed ... cut into 1.5" squares.

This months colors are orange with brown.
I am adding green and yellow and other colors to the mix so it does not look
too Halloweeny with my black and white background fabrics.

As these are scrap blocks, the squares fall where they may
but I do keep the same fabrics from bumping up next to each other.

When I sew these small squares I do not
cut the threads between rows.

I just fold each row over the next row as I sew.

I find this is a good way to keep my squares organized as I sew.

6" Orange Postage Stamp Block # 1

Lovely orange linky party HERE

with lots of wonderful inspiration.

I love orange!


  1. Love it! Orange is one of my favorite scrappy colors! XO

  2. I always love to see a Postage Stamp and this one is no exception but not seen one with 1" squares before.

  3. Lovely little postage stamps! (Can't go wrong with orange in my opinion.)

  4. Love your postage stamp block. Great use of tiny scraps!

  5. I love your postage stamp block. I want to make one in these colors, too.

  6. I hope to look through my 2 1/4 inch squares and get 4 patches made before this month is over.


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