Monday, April 25, 2016

Spring in the Scrapatch

Spring has finally arrived in the scrapatch.

At one point is looked like it would be early this year
... and then the cold wintry weather returned.

Some of our bushes, like our forsythia, never really bloomed because the buds froze.

This sweet smelling bush blooms later so it is flowering now,
although much later than usual.

One tulip has finally bloomed,
with the promise of another.

This is our first of only a few tulips this year.

I have had to plant a lot of pansies in containers
like this pot placed in a garden which should be full of tulip blooms.
Instead of tulips we have a few scraggy tulip leaves 
like the one in the lower right on the ground.
Our daffodils never even came up.

Thank goodness for these hardy little blooms.
They are the brightest spots of color in our yard.

I love pansies <3

This is the windowbox outside my bedroom.

This is Butterfly's favorite window for napping.

Katniss prefers this one ...

... the one by my sewing machine ...

where Katniss has been patiently waiting for me to sit and sew.

We finally decided it was safe enough to set our yard swing back outside over the weekend.

You can see some of the non-blooming forsythias in the background of the following photo.

The closest bush was badly broken by a big branch from the pine tree
that fell in a late snow storm early this month.

I have been doing lots of yardwork outside

... and spring house cleaning inside.

The swing is such an inviting spot to sit and rest on a sunny day.

Soon, Katniss, soon ... :)


  1. Yay, spring! It still hasn't made an appearance in Cape Breton,miso enjoyed your lovely pictures. XO

  2. So glad Spring has finally arrived my friend! Your pansies are lovely, as is your swing in the yard there. What a lovely spot to sit and relax :)


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