Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Katniss Says ...

"Where are you?
Why are you not in here sewing?
Let Meowwwout!"

Poor Katniss.
I am sorry.

In the photo I am outside trying to help my hubby sets things aright in the yard after a freak gust of wind blew over ...

... our heavy duty metal frame yard swing.
The above photo is a "before" one that was blogged HERE
The frame at the top is broke and bent and 
the canvas cover needs repair.

It also blew over the chairs and rearranged 
some other things in our yard.
Only the swing was damaged.

This happened on a sunny breezy afternoon while 
the family was all inside gathered around the computer skyping 
with my daughter's family cross country.

Our neighbors' yards were not touched.
It was like the twilight zone came down in our yard.

We are still waiting for a part to fix the top frame 
but otherwise the yard is back to usual.

Not sew on the sewing and computing and blogging front.

My sewing computer is down and has been for weeks.

I have been trying not to whine and complain about it here
and to find a way around it.
But it is not easy.

No design function. 
No patterns.
Limited photo ability.
No ability to print.
Not easy to blog.

This is like a big black hole in my life that
is sucking all my energy into it.

Sewing is my happy place and I cannot quite get there at the moment.

My tech crew is trying to fix this
and is baffled and frustrated.

It is not a virus.
It is an operating system issue on my faithful old
dino of a computer.

Think I will put Katniss on her leash and  take go out in the sunshine.

Hope to be back to sewing and blogging soon.

Take care.


  1. Hope thingz get right in your sewing world soon, Your pansies are beautiful and Katniss really does appear to be soulful about being inside.

  2. Awe isn't weather strange. Hope you get your part soon, and all of your tech gets up and running smoothly too. Gorgeous pansies.

  3. you must get your sewing mojo back and hopefully the computer will get sorted I am sure they have a mind of their own.

  4. The weather around here has been a little crazy too. And wet. Hope you're back to sewing soon. ;o)

  5. That IS pretty spooky! Sorry about your computer. Been there! XO


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