Monday, May 9, 2016

My Mother's Lilacs

 My Mother's lilacs bloomed for Mother's Day!

Those of you who have been following me for a long time know
that this always makes me happy.

My mother was an avid gardener, 
a country girl from New Hampshire
who was transplanted to the city.

She had a very green thumb and her  roses, flower gardens, flowering bushes and vegetable garden were the most bountiful and beautiful in her tiny yard in the neighborhood of tiny yards.

She had lilacs of many colors from deep purple to white, but these
pink purple ones were her favorite.

My mother's lilacs grew and she gave their offshoots away to all the neighbors who wanted them and most of these gifts are still blooming although all the new residents who enjoy their fragrant blooms each spring never met my mother and have no idea from whence they came.
The higher blooms you see in the background of this photo are over the fence in our young neighbors' yard.

However, as my mother's health declined in her later years and she could no longer garden, her roses and lilacs withered and became overgrown, decimated by harsh winters and over shadowed by large trees. When I was a young mother and living in another state we could only do basic yard work when we were able to visit.  
My mother's green thumb was not handed down to me
 although I do enjoy puttering around the yard.

To make the long short, a few years ago my mother's legacy in our yard was reduced to one small, non-blooming bush that was near extinction.  My hubby and I dug it out and moved it to a sunnier spot and I watered and did my best to nurture.

The first year it bloomed again was a joyous celebration.

Every year it has a few more blooms.

It blooms each year for Mother's Day
and I see my Mother's smile.



  1. I love Lilacs but unfortunately can only enjoy them through photos like yours. Just a brief whiff of their scent and I'm in agony with sinus trouble straight away. THank you for posting the pics and it's so nice for you to be able to remember your mother in his way.

  2. Great story. We have a hedge of lilacs that DH always wants to take out. His great, great grandmother planted them years ago. I thwart his desires though because they help cut down the road noise, and I love them they range from dark purple, to white too.

  3. I have lilac envy because as a child, that was my association with Spring and Memorial Day as we'd always cut huge bouquets to place at the cemetery. One of my favorite flowers!

  4. I miss lilacs. Growing up we had a few bushes including a purple one with berries the birds loved.
    I thought purple bird poo was funny. I loved the smell when they bloomed. Sadly they don't grow well here. Thanks for sharing your sweet story. May you see your mother's smile every year for year's to come.

  5. How wonderful that the lilac took and is now doing well, I have 2 lilacs a white and purple, they have only flowered alternate years until this year when the purple one has flowered again afterl ast year, they have been in 8 years now, love the scent they give, wonder about off shoots must get my gardening book out and see how to do that

  6. Thats so cool Pat :) I'm glad that plant is doing well now, and blooming for you. I have a lilac the same color, I love it :)

  7. So sweet. Reminds me a little of my mom's daylilies which were shared and, since moving, I have none! Need to get a couple from my sister. A couple of my friends and I are heading to CO next week and there will be a lilac festival in Taos, NM which we plan on visiting. Unfortunately, they don't grow here in N. Central TX. :-(

  8. Such a sweet story. I am sure your mom is smiling down on you every Mother's day, so happy that you have kept her lilac so well.

  9. This is a lovely post. Those blooms are your Mother smiles. Glad it's doing growing strong


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